Starting with flowers study, one from all got the point. With "LIFE" and "LOVE" words, it was a positive words, and it's just the beginning of the idea, with the flower:-

" With 2 positive words, and doodle, the flower, it's just a series that failed. I planned to stop already. But just there was an idea about this series. The idea is, flowers doodle that bloom, with positive word within it. There will be no negative one. I choose "19" as it's a number in our age, to grow and learn. Like, it's a number that between teen and adult to be, where it's a point we learn in everyday life for move forward as a person. And yea.. "19" is the best crazy time of teenage! And a starting point to whole new things.

Stop for a while, i decided to get back to it. Which i put out on Instagram @anugerah_gee . But while i just wanna get start it, my depression symptoms came up. I felt really bad, just so suddenly, it happened. This just never you can realized, but at this point, i felt being conquered. It was hard. I got this early since i was in high school, i guess. But i can felt, that i'm fighting it. On my Instagram post, which is currently, i caption with *fighting depression*. It not just me. Many others, and the result can't be really bad. And that was the new idea pop out.

I chat with my friends. And with the idea, i just start to feel better. Now, Ramadan 2015, it's the best time. I  keep posting with the *fighting depression*, and the new idea is - If you have anything that happen to you, such as, as myself, i got.. Diabetes Type 2, depression and being bullied, or, things like can effect yourself,
share it for awareness, so you can face it with everything positive. Share to encourage other, that also facing this, to stay strong. Not only this, this series also to support artist, art industry, while facing up and down, keep on going with positive mind and attitude. With this, put out your positive word!..".

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