Face Art Series

It's started in late 2013. It's started with just an illustration, which thought to be just an illustration. But after few piece, it got a title.. "Face Art Series". The series have about to tell, this is the idea and for all is all about:-

" I just got blank out. Right front of me was a paper, pencil. I looking for something, that i really love, that i'm so into it. Since little, i grew up knowing about art, basically drawing. But the more i grew, i got so many ideas and imaginations, that i never try to put out. This time, 2013.. I just so into eyes, and face. But there's some of my interest that i took for this series.. Venetian masks. It's the most weird and pretty, and beautiful at the same time. Can be creepy sometimes.

The mask, and the custom that they matching, set together, just.. Crazy i'm so into it. Since little, it make me wanna put out all of the ideas and imaginations that i hold or so long, can say.

The idea came out, when i realized it was match what i really wanna focus or put out. This series, finally have what it's all about - It's about and inspired by my personal feeling, about my experiences that i've through, or just have for whole this time. And inspired by nature, surrounding of everyday life.. Also inspired by specific one subject or topic..".

While make this series, every piece, i only have Facebook. It was blur honestly. Nothing much by just post a photo of the artwork, work in progress. It just plain. But.. I only can say, at that time.. "I'm not the only one do this kind of artwork, many others..". I just don't know any other artist, since i'm not being known by others out there. So, honestly, i do this with my own. 

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