Diabetes Type 2

From 5 siblings, i'm a number 3, and the earliest in developing of Diabetes Type 2.

Now days, Diabetes in children increase. As Diabetes also, a genetic disease. And as the genetic one, there is no cure.

As for myself, i can't really remember, when i'm positive of carry it in my blood. But the signs started clear out, when i was in primary school. I never know about Diabetes, even my mom have it. The history is, my grandmother, my mom's mother, who have it. As the result, my mom's siblings do have. In my case, the symptoms and how i react to it, just make my parents confirmed, that i'm a juvi-Diabetes.

Normal sugar level in normal children, youth, and so, are 4.4 .. While children and people with Diabetes Type 2, change at anytime. Years ago, when i'm in secondary school, i started do sugar level check up. From all my check ups, my sugar level are always more than 4.4 .. Last one was in 2013, the sugar level was at 6.6 .. Years before, the highest before the 2013 check up, was 6.7 .. Even one number change, that show how the Diabetes in someone's body.

As for my case, it's more to Hyperglycemia, where it's more to increase, although i turn out shaking sometimes, unlike my youngest sister. As for her, she different from me and others. While my sugar level increase from time to time, she more to decrease for most of the check up. Back in few years ago, she did a check up, lowest from all, reading at 2.2 .. In this case, this is call Hypoglycemia. Yes, my youngest sister have Diabetes Type 2 Hypoglycemia.

Check up for sugar level at least after 4 hours. To test my sister, she checked at reading was increase, together with my mom, she went to gardening, and after 15, 25, 30 minutes, she checked again, and the number drop much faster. It's seems like not much different from her check up before. Since my youngest sister have Hypoglycemia, she more likely shaking. Although can't really see she is shaking, it's actually shaking from inside. Which can be seen on fingers, as it move by itself.

So, i don't know how my brothers. But my sister, number 4 in siblings, also have it. She did once check up, as years before, she maintain at 4.4 .. And the number changed from her last check up. As i can say, it's a genetic type that my brothers and sisters have. And there's many children, even at 3,4,5 years old already have it. There's no cure for Diabetes, and Diabetes can only be control...

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