Thursday, December 15, 2016

Interest: The Stair

Salam and hello :)

It's been like more than 2 weeks, i guess.

Currently i've been so busy with, not only my artworks, but also my concrete project. And now, i'm already started with gardening, yay!. I'm so happy actually. Because i like being busy with things that i love to do. But slow with my concrete project because it's raining season, so cement won't be good in this season, right?. So by the time i'm started this project, on my second day, i decided to clear up some old stair..

Build in 2010 if i'm not wrong, by our workers. They using paver, tho. And as the result, to me, its look nice. Since here is village-farm kind of feeling.. So here's the stair. Before i clear all the bushes.

So here how its looks like. Pretty mess, huh.

It's interesting in many ways, to me. I love doing this clear up work, since i'm a full time artist, i need to have work outside from my comfort zone, sometime. Because there's a time where i don't have any idea for my artworks. So it's the best work for me, to get inspired, while doing this work most of the time.. Anothere interesting things that i found while clear up the stair, i found out that our long lost vegetable plant is growing back again!.

Yes. Even the flowers is pretty :D . It's make me happy to see this plant grow once again. Because somewhat, i realised that i feel many positive feelings, everytime i'm doing this work. It's give me feeling like calmness..

So in actually, i already started my gardening project, which i've been clear up wide area of bushes, which can be weight to kilos!. I found another interesting thing while clearing the area. I'll be write about it too, i guess. For now, hopefully my internet won't make any mess, which is very annoying everytime it's happen..

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