Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Artwork: Story and About My Artworks

Salam. Hi there readers.

Today, it's actually my first time writing about my artworks. I always said to myself that I'm not gonna explain my works. And yes, I don't have a confident to explain all about it.

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

But I think this process take me step by step to figure it all out, about my works. I found many other artists, that they always put out their story and thought when come to every of theirs piece. So in the end, I started to realized, I, myself too, once a while need to explain what my works is about. And it's not an easy thing to me..

I may not explain every piece one of my works. What I decided is I will explain what I inspired from, for my works and what my works is about, just in one way. It's might be a long post, but as many and other artists,  I want my artworks to be 'my' works.

So, I got inspired by psychology, emotion, and feeling - or about one specific thing, like about one exactly inside the specific thing. This, it's not to specific gender. And yes, my works have no gender. What I want from the figure is to symbolize - "human". As the result, yes, I'm not going to put or do, what will make people say my artworks is a he or she.. And a bit of personal, I like something alienatic, something like in fantasy in outer space. Like, what and how the feeling being there and the smell of it.

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