Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Artwork: The Process of "This Reflection"

Salam. Hello there.

So last time I decided to show the process of my artworks, which is basically from photos. So here a bit of the process of my "This Reflection", which I've done it on paper card.

- The process of "This Reflection" by Anugerahgee - 

This is how usually the process happen. Since I'm currently working on something big, so I'm actually chasing the time. So I have tons to do.

So the process, is just a normal one. You can also check out all my works on my http://www.behance.net/artofrehabilitation too. Where all the process, just like this one.

This work is up for sale now. Available for print.  If any interest, please do email me at yueyagee@gmail.com :) Thank you.

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