Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Artwork: "Mudcase"-s

Salam. Hello there.

Lately it's been a rainy season. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy. Since it's almost end of this year.. Just like some people love winter season, so I love when it's raining.

So I have done this work name "Mudcase". And I decided to do more like it, like a story sort of.

- "Mudcase" by AnugerahGee -

There's a story, of course. But for now, I'll let it speak for itself. Soon or whenever I feel ready, I might or will tell the story, what is all about with the title.

And yes. I'm going to do more like this. And lately I've been experimenting to do, or to mix up whatever I feel I can do my work onto something. And I yea, I'm so busy until next year and Insha Allah, I can do this. And as the result, I don't have much to write down as most of my words gone to nowhere (haha).

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