Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Interest: Concrete Project

Salam, and hello :)

Lately, i'm so out of idea or art block while working on my new artworks for next year, until next year, actually. Since i have big thing to do, in this few months i'm just chasing time, at all time. Yea, pressure. Which is not good for health. So, i decided to do what i love, so hopefully there's idea or imagination will pop up.

So, i'll be working with this things!

- My stuff is set! -

Here's the thing - although i'm just so into this kind of work, well i love this work. I have thing that i need to be careful, for now. In actually it's a raining season.

It's okay, i love rain. But what worry me is that there's a point i can get headache easily. So, if it heavy rain, guess i won't be doing this. If it just softly rain (i mean "renyai2"), i'm gonna do this.

There's reasons why i'm doing this, and set it as my project. I have pets to handle, so i just want to make things better for them. That's the first of all reasons. Other reason is, it's an exercise too, if you don't think it is. Well, some don't think this kind of work burn calories, in fact, it is. And since i moved in our new home, like about 8 years ago, me and my family done many of this kind of work, "concrete work" i started to call. Believe me, not typical exercise such as jogging and so is an only exercise. There's many of it. To me, as long a work that will put out sweat, and i mean it like for real sweating, it's good and its an exercise to you. And yes, this kind of work is the best one!.

This project also, well since i'm full time artist/illustrator, i'm at home. And it's like my replacement for my exercise, work out time. Because i'm busy with many things with my artworks, so i feel like, 'why not i do this?', since i'm so into this kind of work. Because, when i do my artwork, it's not good to just sit for a long time. So at least, there's a thing that can replace my exercise, work out time. And this kind of work, actually, is good for people who have Diabetes, or even obesity. Yup, health matter, i talk in here. If you watch "The Biggest Loser" show, see how they not only include exercise with sport equipment, but there are also like heavy-duty sports. So this activity is good for us.

After this "concrete project", i'll be continue with my another interest, gardening. Well maybe together with planting some vegetables. Since i realized, after this project, i only have small project, sort of - like, clearing bushes around our home. So why not(?) Right(?). So in the end, Insha Allah i can do all of this. Guess i just can't wait to do this, since art thing just keep in my head (haha).     

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Artwork: "Mudcase"-s

Salam. Hello there.

Lately it's been a rainy season. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy. Since it's almost end of this year.. Just like some people love winter season, so I love when it's raining.

So I have done this work name "Mudcase". And I decided to do more like it, like a story sort of.

- "Mudcase" by AnugerahGee -

There's a story, of course. But for now, I'll let it speak for itself. Soon or whenever I feel ready, I might or will tell the story, what is all about with the title.

And yes. I'm going to do more like this. And lately I've been experimenting to do, or to mix up whatever I feel I can do my work onto something. And I yea, I'm so busy until next year and Insha Allah, I can do this. And as the result, I don't have much to write down as most of my words gone to nowhere (haha).

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Artwork: Story and About My Artworks

Salam. Hi there readers.

Today, it's actually my first time writing about my artworks. I always said to myself that I'm not gonna explain my works. And yes, I don't have a confident to explain all about it.

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

But I think this process take me step by step to figure it all out, about my works. I found many other artists, that they always put out their story and thought when come to every of theirs piece. So in the end, I started to realized, I, myself too, once a while need to explain what my works is about. And it's not an easy thing to me..

I may not explain every piece one of my works. What I decided is I will explain what I inspired from, for my works and what my works is about, just in one way. It's might be a long post, but as many and other artists,  I want my artworks to be 'my' works.

So, I got inspired by psychology, emotion, and feeling - or about one specific thing, like about one exactly inside the specific thing. This, it's not to specific gender. And yes, my works have no gender. What I want from the figure is to symbolize - "human". As the result, yes, I'm not going to put or do, what will make people say my artworks is a he or she.. And a bit of personal, I like something alienatic, something like in fantasy in outer space. Like, what and how the feeling being there and the smell of it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Artwork: The Process of "This Reflection"

Salam. Hello there.

So last time I decided to show the process of my artworks, which is basically from photos. So here a bit of the process of my "This Reflection", which I've done it on paper card.

- The process of "This Reflection" by Anugerahgee - 

This is how usually the process happen. Since I'm currently working on something big, so I'm actually chasing the time. So I have tons to do.

So the process, is just a normal one. You can also check out all my works on my http://www.behance.net/artofrehabilitation too. Where all the process, just like this one.

This work is up for sale now. Available for print.  If any interest, please do email me at yueyagee@gmail.com :) Thank you.

Monday, November 14, 2016


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My Artwork: The Newest Work

Salam. Hello there.

It's been awhile..

So from now on I will post about my artworks and the process. Well basically, photos of how the work, from the beginning to the final look.

"Won't Care" by Anugerahgee 

But first, this is my newest work.

I honestly like how work of art speak for itself. Rather than the artist to explain what its about. But it's up to the artist too, right. But yes, I like both ways. And all my works have its story, message, and so. Based on the title, as people can see.

And please do, credit my works if you want to share it. Thank you! :)


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