Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Story: A Necklace

Salam, and hi!

It's been for a long time, since my last post which on April. Hmm.. Think about April always about someone's special day at the near end of the month, for every year, yes.. My sister's birthday.

So also, on that month, i happened and Alhamdulillah i met my childhood friend, for the first time after last one i met her in 2012, if i'm not mistaken. So ended up watched movie on TGV cinema, we hang out for a while, while wainting my big brother to pick me up. As unexpected my friend have thing to do. So we got time. In my head for whole of that day just thinking what i should get for my sister.. Since her birthday not far.. Well, i got her this :)

I got her this necklace. As you can see, it have "F" and flowers. Believe it or not, the flower is a real one. While at shop, i noticed that there's a lots of beautiful pendant of necklace. Not only with alphabetic, but some with only flowers.. It's very pretty. Well, i like and love to see this kind of stuff. Okay, so, on her birthday, i gave it to her, to my sister as her present.. She love it. :D . And of course i'm so happy to see that. 

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