Thursday, August 11, 2016

Interest: My Pinterest #1

Salam and hello. :)

I can't say much how i think i really love Pinterest. I love many things, which inspired me and so.. So basically, i found lots of things that i really into it, like crazy (haha). So it's like a catalogue, or maybe it is a catalogue, online of course. But somehow, i feel its like more to scarpbooking, online, well that's just how i feel.

So this is my currently most pinned, and my favorite board, that's how Pinterest it is..

Welcome to my Pinterest.. ;)
My favorite board, "Vintage Stuff, Things I Like"

I really love this board from all of boards that i have. I feel like, this is the only way that i can go with my girly side (haha). Okay, what i like or interest, i pin it all here, in this board. What you can find in this board?. Well all photography type of. You can find vintage cups, flower with fruit arrangements, flower with book arrangements, pressed flowers, hanging flowers, or hanging lights!. Many other things that you can find on just this board, only. Because i love many things!.

So with many stuff i found on Pinterest, it all make me keep push myself for artwork also..

Well, here is a bit from my board :D

All the photos, credited to the right owners

All the photos, credited to the right owners

Doesn't all of it beautiful and pretty?. Sometimes it all make me feel refreshing. Like my mood or suddenly turn positive, like that.. Well, all photos goes to their right owners, from many websites and blogs!. And please do check out my Pinterest page at / 

Also, please don't forget to check out my IG @anugerah_gee :D

More to come soon!. 

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