Friday, August 5, 2016

Event: Pesta Kechill Rantai By RantaiArt, Publika, Mont Kiara #2

Salam, and hi there.

So it's about the second day, which is.. Hmmm. That day, just not many thing going on. But i went check out all around the mall. And yes, i found few interesting stores. So this is what i found on my second day..

Tuxedo store

Classic home decor store

Found FFXV front of game magazine

This, remind me of...

So not only nothing much going on. But i had twice Chatime, and not really hungry (haha). I just walked around, took some photos as memory, observed the surrounding.. But it's cool day.

I closed my booth early on my second day. Since there was something, personally going on.. So.. Yeah. And while waiting for my parent, heavy rain pouring down.

Well, guess that's it.. :)

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