Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Interest: Gardening #4

Salam, and hi!.

Well, seems like i'm not around here for more than one month. Because actually, can say.. I'm a bit busy. Well not just a bit, but lots. Since i really focus with my paintings and exhibition. Alhamdullillah.. I will post about it soon, since my internet is off of its quota (haha).

So, back to the title, and i'm sorry there will be no photos.. Yes. Gardening!. Lately my plan and desire, and interest to have a garden, and do some gardening, planting, and so, is getting crazy. It's about 2 months ago this all started.. When both of my sisters decided to continue study, it actually hit me. What will i do then?. I wondered. So, then i think and decided to do some gardening. I even imagined it!. Imagined that i'm planting some flowers, with soil, and the greens, you know.. Haha. But this is seriously, that i wanna do it. There's also some personal reason, but i don't want to mention it.

Okay. For this thing, garden and gardening.. I already started clear up some big area, together with my youngest sister. We clear some of bushes, grass called "lalang".. But at the same time, we keep ours - lime trees, curry tree, mango trees, and lemon tree. We clear up around my sisters' and my house. Since the bushes, the greens just so tall, we clear up which easy first. Plus now we can see the hills front of our house again. Finally!. It's feels great. But there's still lots to do.. I can feel tired sometimes, but it's good, actually. For people like me. As i said before, it's an exercise for me, for people with Diabetes, it's good.

So i will post with photo, Insha Allah. Since i'll be busy, with bunch of stuff!. So this is all for now.

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