Thursday, December 15, 2016

Interest: The Stair

Salam and hello :)

It's been like more than 2 weeks, i guess.

Currently i've been so busy with, not only my artworks, but also my concrete project. And now, i'm already started with gardening, yay!. I'm so happy actually. Because i like being busy with things that i love to do. But slow with my concrete project because it's raining season, so cement won't be good in this season, right?. So by the time i'm started this project, on my second day, i decided to clear up some old stair..

Build in 2010 if i'm not wrong, by our workers. They using paver, tho. And as the result, to me, its look nice. Since here is village-farm kind of feeling.. So here's the stair. Before i clear all the bushes.

So here how its looks like. Pretty mess, huh.

It's interesting in many ways, to me. I love doing this clear up work, since i'm a full time artist, i need to have work outside from my comfort zone, sometime. Because there's a time where i don't have any idea for my artworks. So it's the best work for me, to get inspired, while doing this work most of the time.. Anothere interesting things that i found while clear up the stair, i found out that our long lost vegetable plant is growing back again!.

Yes. Even the flowers is pretty :D . It's make me happy to see this plant grow once again. Because somewhat, i realised that i feel many positive feelings, everytime i'm doing this work. It's give me feeling like calmness..

So in actually, i already started my gardening project, which i've been clear up wide area of bushes, which can be weight to kilos!. I found another interesting thing while clearing the area. I'll be write about it too, i guess. For now, hopefully my internet won't make any mess, which is very annoying everytime it's happen..

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Interest: Concrete Project

Salam, and hello :)

Lately, i'm so out of idea or art block while working on my new artworks for next year, until next year, actually. Since i have big thing to do, in this few months i'm just chasing time, at all time. Yea, pressure. Which is not good for health. So, i decided to do what i love, so hopefully there's idea or imagination will pop up.

So, i'll be working with this things!

- My stuff is set! -

Here's the thing - although i'm just so into this kind of work, well i love this work. I have thing that i need to be careful, for now. In actually it's a raining season.

It's okay, i love rain. But what worry me is that there's a point i can get headache easily. So, if it heavy rain, guess i won't be doing this. If it just softly rain (i mean "renyai2"), i'm gonna do this.

There's reasons why i'm doing this, and set it as my project. I have pets to handle, so i just want to make things better for them. That's the first of all reasons. Other reason is, it's an exercise too, if you don't think it is. Well, some don't think this kind of work burn calories, in fact, it is. And since i moved in our new home, like about 8 years ago, me and my family done many of this kind of work, "concrete work" i started to call. Believe me, not typical exercise such as jogging and so is an only exercise. There's many of it. To me, as long a work that will put out sweat, and i mean it like for real sweating, it's good and its an exercise to you. And yes, this kind of work is the best one!.

This project also, well since i'm full time artist/illustrator, i'm at home. And it's like my replacement for my exercise, work out time. Because i'm busy with many things with my artworks, so i feel like, 'why not i do this?', since i'm so into this kind of work. Because, when i do my artwork, it's not good to just sit for a long time. So at least, there's a thing that can replace my exercise, work out time. And this kind of work, actually, is good for people who have Diabetes, or even obesity. Yup, health matter, i talk in here. If you watch "The Biggest Loser" show, see how they not only include exercise with sport equipment, but there are also like heavy-duty sports. So this activity is good for us.

After this "concrete project", i'll be continue with my another interest, gardening. Well maybe together with planting some vegetables. Since i realized, after this project, i only have small project, sort of - like, clearing bushes around our home. So why not(?) Right(?). So in the end, Insha Allah i can do all of this. Guess i just can't wait to do this, since art thing just keep in my head (haha).     

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Artwork: "Mudcase"-s

Salam. Hello there.

Lately it's been a rainy season. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy. Since it's almost end of this year.. Just like some people love winter season, so I love when it's raining.

So I have done this work name "Mudcase". And I decided to do more like it, like a story sort of.

- "Mudcase" by AnugerahGee -

There's a story, of course. But for now, I'll let it speak for itself. Soon or whenever I feel ready, I might or will tell the story, what is all about with the title.

And yes. I'm going to do more like this. And lately I've been experimenting to do, or to mix up whatever I feel I can do my work onto something. And I yea, I'm so busy until next year and Insha Allah, I can do this. And as the result, I don't have much to write down as most of my words gone to nowhere (haha).

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Artwork: Story and About My Artworks

Salam. Hi there readers.

Today, it's actually my first time writing about my artworks. I always said to myself that I'm not gonna explain my works. And yes, I don't have a confident to explain all about it.

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

- Artworks by Anugerahgee -

But I think this process take me step by step to figure it all out, about my works. I found many other artists, that they always put out their story and thought when come to every of theirs piece. So in the end, I started to realized, I, myself too, once a while need to explain what my works is about. And it's not an easy thing to me..

I may not explain every piece one of my works. What I decided is I will explain what I inspired from, for my works and what my works is about, just in one way. It's might be a long post, but as many and other artists,  I want my artworks to be 'my' works.

So, I got inspired by psychology, emotion, and feeling - or about one specific thing, like about one exactly inside the specific thing. This, it's not to specific gender. And yes, my works have no gender. What I want from the figure is to symbolize - "human". As the result, yes, I'm not going to put or do, what will make people say my artworks is a he or she.. And a bit of personal, I like something alienatic, something like in fantasy in outer space. Like, what and how the feeling being there and the smell of it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Artwork: The Process of "This Reflection"

Salam. Hello there.

So last time I decided to show the process of my artworks, which is basically from photos. So here a bit of the process of my "This Reflection", which I've done it on paper card.

- The process of "This Reflection" by Anugerahgee - 

This is how usually the process happen. Since I'm currently working on something big, so I'm actually chasing the time. So I have tons to do.

So the process, is just a normal one. You can also check out all my works on my too. Where all the process, just like this one.

This work is up for sale now. Available for print.  If any interest, please do email me at :) Thank you.

Monday, November 14, 2016


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My Artwork: The Newest Work

Salam. Hello there.

It's been awhile..

So from now on I will post about my artworks and the process. Well basically, photos of how the work, from the beginning to the final look.

"Won't Care" by Anugerahgee 

But first, this is my newest work.

I honestly like how work of art speak for itself. Rather than the artist to explain what its about. But it's up to the artist too, right. But yes, I like both ways. And all my works have its story, message, and so. Based on the title, as people can see.

And please do, credit my works if you want to share it. Thank you! :)


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Interest: Jupiter And Its Moons

Salam, and hi.

Now lets talk about my interest in planets and moons. So, last time it's about Pluto, as NASA's New Horizon snapped its actual and real colour and how the planet looks like. And it's more than a year now since the planet portrait photo came out.

But today, i just wanna share my interest in Jupiter, in Malay we called it "Musytari", and also its known moons.

Jupiter - Taken by The Hubble Space Telescope

This is Jupiter in its true colour, as you already know. Its a fifth planet in our Solar System, and the largest one. Well, talk about Jupiter.. I like it because its big, and its have a unique rings of colour. Yes, you can see the flow of its gas, and of course its Great Red Spot - which is a giant storm.

Many people i think, maybe have some kind of imagination, of how and what it's like to be near, or to be there, on Jupiter its self (?). To be honest, i do wonder about it. But, what i really like about Jupiter is its moons. Jupiter have 67 moons, but most that i really like is - Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io. This 4 moons is unique for me. Just like how its all looks.

Ganymede - Photo credit: NASA

Callisto - Photo credit: NASA

Europa - Photo credit: NASA

Io - Photo credit: NASA

So i just talk about how much i like Jupiter and its moons, right?. So, yea.. Ganymede, the only moon that have magnetic field, i also like it because it does looks like Earth's moon, to me, okay. While Callisto, i love how it surface looks like have its own stars, right?.

As for Europa, this icy surface moon, the lines on its surface, it make me think that it's make the moon look very vintage (haha). And last one of my favorite 4 moons of Jupiter, Io - its the most volcanic moon from other moons. Its have over 400 active volcanoes and is the driest known object in our Solar System. See here sequence of New Horizons images showing Io's volcano Tvashtar spewing material 330 km above its surface - Io's volcano Tvashtar

As unique as it's planet, Jupiter, so do its moons. Weird as it's all beautiful.. Subhanallah.. :)

So next, my another most interest, Saturn!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just Another 'Rainy' Day..

- Google -

I don't know where to start, or what to say.. To be honest..

Well, today i just feel scared. Scared and worry.. Guess my instinct, always right..

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Interest: My Pinterest #1

Salam and hello. :)

I can't say much how i think i really love Pinterest. I love many things, which inspired me and so.. So basically, i found lots of things that i really into it, like crazy (haha). So it's like a catalogue, or maybe it is a catalogue, online of course. But somehow, i feel its like more to scarpbooking, online, well that's just how i feel.

So this is my currently most pinned, and my favorite board, that's how Pinterest it is..

Welcome to my Pinterest.. ;)
My favorite board, "Vintage Stuff, Things I Like"

I really love this board from all of boards that i have. I feel like, this is the only way that i can go with my girly side (haha). Okay, what i like or interest, i pin it all here, in this board. What you can find in this board?. Well all photography type of. You can find vintage cups, flower with fruit arrangements, flower with book arrangements, pressed flowers, hanging flowers, or hanging lights!. Many other things that you can find on just this board, only. Because i love many things!.

So with many stuff i found on Pinterest, it all make me keep push myself for artwork also..

Well, here is a bit from my board :D

All the photos, credited to the right owners

All the photos, credited to the right owners

Doesn't all of it beautiful and pretty?. Sometimes it all make me feel refreshing. Like my mood or suddenly turn positive, like that.. Well, all photos goes to their right owners, from many websites and blogs!. And please do check out my Pinterest page at / 

Also, please don't forget to check out my IG @anugerah_gee :D

More to come soon!. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Event: Pesta Kechill Rantai By RantaiArt, Publika, Mont Kiara #2

Salam, and hi there.

So it's about the second day, which is.. Hmmm. That day, just not many thing going on. But i went check out all around the mall. And yes, i found few interesting stores. So this is what i found on my second day..

Tuxedo store

Classic home decor store

Found FFXV front of game magazine

This, remind me of...

So not only nothing much going on. But i had twice Chatime, and not really hungry (haha). I just walked around, took some photos as memory, observed the surrounding.. But it's cool day.

I closed my booth early on my second day. Since there was something, personally going on.. So.. Yeah. And while waiting for my parent, heavy rain pouring down.

Well, guess that's it.. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Event: Pesta Kechill Rantai By RantaiArt, Publika, Mont Kiara #1

The event held for 3 days, on April. From 1st to 3rd April 2016.

I woke up early, so do my parent. As they the one that sent me, dropped me off at Publika. It's my first time at Publika, as i'm so nervous about the surrounding. To be honest.. I only can write in English, talk and speak?. Not really good at all, as my nervousness make things mess. So, i set up everything, and here what i put out and up for grabs..

What i have, and still have?.

All my "Face Art Series" prints, mini prints/postcards, notebooks, and all my original artworks :) .. The first day was good. I love to know people around me that day. Shared some story, talk about art, and many others. Yes, i like making friends, so lots happened on the first day. And everytime i join this kind of event, i realised that i like to observed and listen whatever people do, or talked about their opinions. Also what people's comments about my artworks and stuff, as those that dropped by at my booth that day.

Well, that all for the first day. :D

Story: A Necklace

Salam, and hi!

It's been for a long time, since my last post which on April. Hmm.. Think about April always about someone's special day at the near end of the month, for every year, yes.. My sister's birthday.

So also, on that month, i happened and Alhamdulillah i met my childhood friend, for the first time after last one i met her in 2012, if i'm not mistaken. So ended up watched movie on TGV cinema, we hang out for a while, while wainting my big brother to pick me up. As unexpected my friend have thing to do. So we got time. In my head for whole of that day just thinking what i should get for my sister.. Since her birthday not far.. Well, i got her this :)

I got her this necklace. As you can see, it have "F" and flowers. Believe it or not, the flower is a real one. While at shop, i noticed that there's a lots of beautiful pendant of necklace. Not only with alphabetic, but some with only flowers.. It's very pretty. Well, i like and love to see this kind of stuff. Okay, so, on her birthday, i gave it to her, to my sister as her present.. She love it. :D . And of course i'm so happy to see that. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Artwork: "19+Flowers" New Stuff!

Salam, and hi. I don't have much time so just make it simple.

I will update everything soon, or later. If there's fast connection of internet.. So it's been a long time for this series. So there will be products for this series, and mostly will be hand-draw, yep, original. Yayy.. It's tiring to be honest. My hand hurt already (haha).. But i just enjoy ding this series. I feel like this series in vacation for a long time too.. And also, myself. I'm just too busy focusing on this new stuff for this series.. Even i feel like i miss to write in here.

Ok. I will try update everything soon, with photos and all.. So, yeah. Bye!.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Interest: My New Interest!

Salam, and hello!.

Yes, i'm here again. Writing with no photo i can put.. =.= .. But it's ok. Because i don't have any photo for this one. When i have it, i will post it up..!.

Sooo. The thing is, recently i watch this show, at Astro channel HGTV, "Rehab Addict". The host is Nicole Curtis, a restoration expert - she restore old houses. She will buy a house, then she will clean, repaint, set up new furniture, and make a new garden. In this case, i started to get interest with this whole show, and things she is doing. What she's doing is different. She always said, "Original is the best". She will rip everything that's cover the original look and shape of the house. And paint as the original colour of the house. Crazy right?.

My most interest part is - where she will get some furniture!. Believe it or not, she will just go buy at flea market. Basically, and sadly, flea market is no where to be found in Malaysia.. I wish there is few.. =.= .. At flea market, everything from old to new, is cheap. Since she will put out money for machines, paints, brushes, and stuff from hardware store, for the exterior and interior of the house, like walls and floors - so it's cool to see how smart she is work for interior design, like - table, chair, flowers, and clawed-bath. She use this stuff, that she buy from flea market.. And paint it, clean it, to look new and high class. It's just amazing.

So, as it my favorite part from the show.. Lately i've been thinking, to repaint my old make-up table, and a chair. Since i need few new stuff, so i said to myself, "Why not recycle like Nicole Curtis did?". I love her show, so, i really wanna try it. Not only two things that i will repaint. But since i wanna have a garden, soon, Insha Allah.. I plan to reuse 2 by 4 woods, to make a fence, a "picket fence" as we called it. I will paint it white.. Well, since my sisters will go to school soon, i just want to have more activities. It will feel different.. So i really hope this activities that i set and plan, will make me feel happy. So, just wait and see.. How this all go. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Interest: Gardening #4

Salam, and hi!.

Well, seems like i'm not around here for more than one month. Because actually, can say.. I'm a bit busy. Well not just a bit, but lots. Since i really focus with my paintings and exhibition. Alhamdullillah.. I will post about it soon, since my internet is off of its quota (haha).

So, back to the title, and i'm sorry there will be no photos.. Yes. Gardening!. Lately my plan and desire, and interest to have a garden, and do some gardening, planting, and so, is getting crazy. It's about 2 months ago this all started.. When both of my sisters decided to continue study, it actually hit me. What will i do then?. I wondered. So, then i think and decided to do some gardening. I even imagined it!. Imagined that i'm planting some flowers, with soil, and the greens, you know.. Haha. But this is seriously, that i wanna do it. There's also some personal reason, but i don't want to mention it.

Okay. For this thing, garden and gardening.. I already started clear up some big area, together with my youngest sister. We clear some of bushes, grass called "lalang".. But at the same time, we keep ours - lime trees, curry tree, mango trees, and lemon tree. We clear up around my sisters' and my house. Since the bushes, the greens just so tall, we clear up which easy first. Plus now we can see the hills front of our house again. Finally!. It's feels great. But there's still lots to do.. I can feel tired sometimes, but it's good, actually. For people like me. As i said before, it's an exercise for me, for people with Diabetes, it's good.

So i will post with photo, Insha Allah. Since i'll be busy, with bunch of stuff!. So this is all for now.