Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Artwork: "The Face Art 22/In Recovery" Sling Bag

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Photo above officially belong to Creative United. So, salam and hi.

This is sling bag featuring my artwork, "The Face Art 22/In Recovery". Its also available as tote bag and throw pillow, and since i don't have time to update there, plus i might not gonna continue this series.. So maybe only available as this 3 products. But there's also few other artworks from this series that available as this 3 products. You can go and check them all out, or just buy it..!. Follow them on Instagram .

And i actually still don't know if i wanna continue my "Face Art Series". Right now i'm back focusing on painting, which is before i ever started this "Face Art Series". I just don't know, i feel like i might not gonna continue it.. But you can get this series artworks, which is i still have lots of prints. Just email me, or WA - you get my number on my Instagram profile, and don't forget to follow!.

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