Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just Some Morning Post

Salam, and hi.. It's 8am, and i'm still sleepy..

Well, actually, i don't know why but i feel like i wanna write something. So, just some early morning post.

Suddenly i feel like i wanna do some post, where i will include sky and clouds photo, just like one you see here. But, not feel like i wanna too. But usually and basically this photo will be on my post under "personal" tag.

Uhm actually i took this photo, can say more than couple months ago. If i'm not wrong it was early in evening. Hmm.. Back in days, i will just go outside, look at the sky. There is the day where the sky full of clouds, in many patterns, with sunlight, and sometimes there is the wind blow, softly.. It just make me feel better. Better in every way. It make me feel like.. "Everything gonna be fine, Insha Allah.." . And at the same time, i will feel, about outside of my place. Like, what about other place?. What about other people?. What about other country?. Something like that..

To think back, it will make me sad, at the same time, it will make me wonder. Yea.. Many things happen. Some just make me wanna change it, speak about it.. But who am i right. I'm just a plain and normal person. But it's inspire me to do what i love. To speak what i want through what i'm doing.. By looking at the sky, can say i feel positive. Inside and outside. So i can face this life in happy mood.. Also, i remember what my friend told me.. And, try to be positive, no matter what..

So, yes. Be positive, stay positive.

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