Monday, December 21, 2015

Interest: Word Search

Salam, hi to all. It's been long time no update, no words, no post, and so. Actually i've been busy with art stuff, so, i just want to share what i do when i have some of time, with nothing to do or no idea. So this is what i do now..

Yes. A word search!. Well actually this is the first book that i bought back in 2013, when my youngest sister introduced it to me. I got really interest with it, and really want to have one. I bought it later, by the time i just done few, i bought another one. But since i focus with many things, plus in and out hospital, medicines, and others.. I didn't touch it for a longgg time. It's honestly make me feel so stupid.. I just disappointed..

But early last month, i started again. With my sisters, so ever since, i said to myself, "How about.. Do this, play this when you just have nothing to do, free time, or if you just don't have any idea(?)". It's work!. After for a long time, i finally finished this first book!. Hahah. So, this pics, half pages, and i will post the rest, since i already started the second book.

But a week ago, i bought another 4 books!. Yayyy!. Honestly i'm happy i got another 4 books. It's because, i think i'm going to play it not only at my home, but also, in the future, if i go anywhere like back to Kedah or Penang, this will help me out from do nothing. Just fill my time out. And i also think that i will up to date with this thing. Since i like to share my interest..

So, second book.. Will finish you, and can't wait for the new ones!.

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