Monday, December 28, 2015

Food: Kuey Teow Soup, PappaRich

Salam. Morning. Long time no post about food, i guess. So, here..

Uhm.. This was about almost two months ago. I think it was on October. Since me, my sisters, and my big brother, as we went to Maxis tower, KLCC, to get new stuff like that, but end up Maxis already closed. So we just went to, like go around, seeing the buildings, the town, even end up went to our old kindergarten at Bukit Tunku. We went to Jalan Duta area, even to Publika mall area.. But we actually looked for a restaurant. Yes. We just hungry. Specially my brother, as he the one that driving the car.. But i'm always okay when come to this kind of thing, since i love foods..!.

Our choice that night was PappaRich. Honestly, i never eat there (haha). So it was my first time, ever. It's a fancy area, near Publika mall. So, we just take it. My order was.. I can't remember what for my drink, but my order for the food was Kuey Teow Soup. Yes, i'm not realize that i keep having soup kind of food, until my sister told me. Ok, so.. What i think about this food?. Well, it was good!. Tasty, as i tried to finished it until the last spoon of its soup. Hmm.. I don't think i got it there.. Can't remember (haha). Honestly, soup kind of food is my favorite. One with chicken, or beef, its really good. So this one, its with chicken.

The soup was hot, some vegetables in it, it was really2 good. The smell of the chicken.. Hmhmm.. I can imagine it now, and i already can smell it (haha). So, i really love it. And will order this if i go to PappaRich. :D

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