Monday, December 28, 2015

Food: Kuey Teow Soup, PappaRich

Salam. Morning. Long time no post about food, i guess. So, here..

Uhm.. This was about almost two months ago. I think it was on October. Since me, my sisters, and my big brother, as we went to Maxis tower, KLCC, to get new stuff like that, but end up Maxis already closed. So we just went to, like go around, seeing the buildings, the town, even end up went to our old kindergarten at Bukit Tunku. We went to Jalan Duta area, even to Publika mall area.. But we actually looked for a restaurant. Yes. We just hungry. Specially my brother, as he the one that driving the car.. But i'm always okay when come to this kind of thing, since i love foods..!.

Our choice that night was PappaRich. Honestly, i never eat there (haha). So it was my first time, ever. It's a fancy area, near Publika mall. So, we just take it. My order was.. I can't remember what for my drink, but my order for the food was Kuey Teow Soup. Yes, i'm not realize that i keep having soup kind of food, until my sister told me. Ok, so.. What i think about this food?. Well, it was good!. Tasty, as i tried to finished it until the last spoon of its soup. Hmm.. I don't think i got it there.. Can't remember (haha). Honestly, soup kind of food is my favorite. One with chicken, or beef, its really good. So this one, its with chicken.

The soup was hot, some vegetables in it, it was really2 good. The smell of the chicken.. Hmhmm.. I can imagine it now, and i already can smell it (haha). So, i really love it. And will order this if i go to PappaRich. :D

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just Some Morning Post

Salam, and hi.. It's 8am, and i'm still sleepy..

Well, actually, i don't know why but i feel like i wanna write something. So, just some early morning post.

Suddenly i feel like i wanna do some post, where i will include sky and clouds photo, just like one you see here. But, not feel like i wanna too. But usually and basically this photo will be on my post under "personal" tag.

Uhm actually i took this photo, can say more than couple months ago. If i'm not wrong it was early in evening. Hmm.. Back in days, i will just go outside, look at the sky. There is the day where the sky full of clouds, in many patterns, with sunlight, and sometimes there is the wind blow, softly.. It just make me feel better. Better in every way. It make me feel like.. "Everything gonna be fine, Insha Allah.." . And at the same time, i will feel, about outside of my place. Like, what about other place?. What about other people?. What about other country?. Something like that..

To think back, it will make me sad, at the same time, it will make me wonder. Yea.. Many things happen. Some just make me wanna change it, speak about it.. But who am i right. I'm just a plain and normal person. But it's inspire me to do what i love. To speak what i want through what i'm doing.. By looking at the sky, can say i feel positive. Inside and outside. So i can face this life in happy mood.. Also, i remember what my friend told me.. And, try to be positive, no matter what..

So, yes. Be positive, stay positive.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Artwork: "The Face Art 22/In Recovery" Sling Bag

- -

Photo above officially belong to Creative United. So, salam and hi.

This is sling bag featuring my artwork, "The Face Art 22/In Recovery". Its also available as tote bag and throw pillow, and since i don't have time to update there, plus i might not gonna continue this series.. So maybe only available as this 3 products. But there's also few other artworks from this series that available as this 3 products. You can go and check them all out, or just buy it..!. Follow them on Instagram .

And i actually still don't know if i wanna continue my "Face Art Series". Right now i'm back focusing on painting, which is before i ever started this "Face Art Series". I just don't know, i feel like i might not gonna continue it.. But you can get this series artworks, which is i still have lots of prints. Just email me, or WA - you get my number on my Instagram profile, and don't forget to follow!.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Interest: Word Search

Salam, hi to all. It's been long time no update, no words, no post, and so. Actually i've been busy with art stuff, so, i just want to share what i do when i have some of time, with nothing to do or no idea. So this is what i do now..

Yes. A word search!. Well actually this is the first book that i bought back in 2013, when my youngest sister introduced it to me. I got really interest with it, and really want to have one. I bought it later, by the time i just done few, i bought another one. But since i focus with many things, plus in and out hospital, medicines, and others.. I didn't touch it for a longgg time. It's honestly make me feel so stupid.. I just disappointed..

But early last month, i started again. With my sisters, so ever since, i said to myself, "How about.. Do this, play this when you just have nothing to do, free time, or if you just don't have any idea(?)". It's work!. After for a long time, i finally finished this first book!. Hahah. So, this pics, half pages, and i will post the rest, since i already started the second book.

But a week ago, i bought another 4 books!. Yayyy!. Honestly i'm happy i got another 4 books. It's because, i think i'm going to play it not only at my home, but also, in the future, if i go anywhere like back to Kedah or Penang, this will help me out from do nothing. Just fill my time out. And i also think that i will up to date with this thing. Since i like to share my interest..

So, second book.. Will finish you, and can't wait for the new ones!.