Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Internet Just..

It's morning. And i miss to do some writing.. With photos are much better. Sadly can't.

Salam, and good morning. Well this is some attempt, actually. Since i don't have WiFi or internet line, i'm actually using my phone internet. Not good. I have to share it, connect it from my phone. So then i can use internet. Honestly.. It's sucks.

Every month it will be renew. But this internet data have quota. Once it's done, it's the most annoying part that i have to deal with. And have to stay up all night, if i want to use a bit fast of this internet. So now days, we depend on internet. As i, too. Since i have online portfolio, it's frustrating when i can't update a little bit of it. It's annoying!. Plus as we know.. It's pricey. Although my internet data have been updated, still not enough.

So, if i just write. And no photos.. That's mean my internet is down. And i'm sad.. :( .. Can't do much. And i just can write, but i'm still ok, and happy at the same time. Cause at least i can do some writing and post it. :)

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