Thursday, November 12, 2015

Interest: Gardening #3

Yes. Salam and morning!.

Still remember the day i've done half of this. The season was still hot, sometimes cloudy. As for it, i already done cut some part of heavy bushes front of my house. I decided to cut in 180 degree shape. But my work have to stop when the raining season is finally come.

Now, the area still in shape. But wild plants started to regrow back again. It will be hard, again to cut down all of it. But i love doing this work, this gardening project. Which is good for me, for people who have Diabetes. It's my exercise too!. Actually!. Still remember the day i really focusing, planting chilies trees. It's fun and pain!. But those days when i was still at my late teenage, so not really pain since i do lots of exercise.

Okay, back to the topic.. So, the area, i didn't touch after the last one. Since i do it at evening, it's raining lately at evening.. So, i can't do it!. I have to stop, until the day is pretty again. Hopefully soon. Cause i have lots to do for this little garden..!.

Okay then.. Wait and see.  

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