Friday, November 13, 2015

Awareness: World Diabetes Day - 14 Nov 2015

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The day is tomorrow!. As a person, who genetically with it.. Of course it's mean a lot. As not only me, my sisters, and my mom, but to all people out there. A bit of introduction of this day..

"World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes world and is held on November 14 each year. It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to the alarming rise of diabetes around the world." - Google.

So i will just put out my very personal about this, about Diabetes. Well.. My mom were diagnosed with Diabetes at age of 33 years old, I'm a third child in my family, born with the heaviest weight among my siblings. My grandmother, my mom's mother, also a Diabetic. 

I'm the first one, between my siblings, with signs of pre-Diabetes. Or i called it "developing", by at the time i was 9 - 10 years old. When i told my parent, both realized that i'm in stage of development of Diabetes. Throughout my early teenager, i do check up several times of my sugar level, most are high than it should be. 4.4, it's a normal. But as mine are always more than the number. My highest?. It's 6.8 in 2013. And probably still around my last number.

Many actually don't know that Diabetes also can be genetically. And when i told people that i have Diabetes, i usually added "genetically". As normal, many will not believe me. That's what i wanna do. I wanna people to know, that Diabetes also can be genetically. As my parent and our Dr., sure that i'm in development.. I noticed, so do our parent, that my youngest sister, fifth child and last one in family members.. Also in development of Diabetes Hypoglycemia. She just 2 years younger than me..

My youngest sister, i noticed and up until now, whenever we go out.. She always carry snacks, like - candy, biscuits, sweets. Any small snack that she can carry along. And i know, how she actually deal with the symptom of Diabetes Hypoglycemia - shaking. And as for my another sister, forth one, probably already in developing stage, and maybe she just like mine.

So, personally, i don't like how when i told them that i have Diabetes, genetically.. They will, for some of them, saying - "Why not take insulin?". Well, if you genetically have Diabetes, your body can tolerate with it. Just need to control, but not too control in what you take. So, for some people, these days, when come to Diabetes topic, what they react to it - "Have to cut this and that bla bla bla..??". The answer is NO. It's just normal to Diabetic, if there's a cut or wound, it take times to recover.

So.. This is all as my personal opinions and story, of course. And honestly, i treat my Diabetes as my friend. Remember Diabetics, eat and exercise!. 

HAPPY WORLD DIABETES DAY! - (Wish it early cause my internet is slow).


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Interest: Gardening #3

Yes. Salam and morning!.

Still remember the day i've done half of this. The season was still hot, sometimes cloudy. As for it, i already done cut some part of heavy bushes front of my house. I decided to cut in 180 degree shape. But my work have to stop when the raining season is finally come.

Now, the area still in shape. But wild plants started to regrow back again. It will be hard, again to cut down all of it. But i love doing this work, this gardening project. Which is good for me, for people who have Diabetes. It's my exercise too!. Actually!. Still remember the day i really focusing, planting chilies trees. It's fun and pain!. But those days when i was still at my late teenage, so not really pain since i do lots of exercise.

Okay, back to the topic.. So, the area, i didn't touch after the last one. Since i do it at evening, it's raining lately at evening.. So, i can't do it!. I have to stop, until the day is pretty again. Hopefully soon. Cause i have lots to do for this little garden..!.

Okay then.. Wait and see.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Internet Just..

It's morning. And i miss to do some writing.. With photos are much better. Sadly can't.

Salam, and good morning. Well this is some attempt, actually. Since i don't have WiFi or internet line, i'm actually using my phone internet. Not good. I have to share it, connect it from my phone. So then i can use internet. Honestly.. It's sucks.

Every month it will be renew. But this internet data have quota. Once it's done, it's the most annoying part that i have to deal with. And have to stay up all night, if i want to use a bit fast of this internet. So now days, we depend on internet. As i, too. Since i have online portfolio, it's frustrating when i can't update a little bit of it. It's annoying!. Plus as we know.. It's pricey. Although my internet data have been updated, still not enough.

So, if i just write. And no photos.. That's mean my internet is down. And i'm sad.. :( .. Can't do much. And i just can write, but i'm still ok, and happy at the same time. Cause at least i can do some writing and post it. :)