Thursday, July 2, 2015

Story: Nothing Much, Blank

Salam. It's midnight and it's July!. So for whole this time i post in small photos. Well it's July, i think i will use this size, i guess..(??). Not sure T^T.

Well, honestly i don't have much for today. The thing is.. I just being busy with my "19+Flowers" series. So, my "Face Art Series" just.. Well, i'll continue it after Raya, or maybe after new event. So, just write what in my head.. I don't know what to put out actually. And honestly.. I'm in unhealthy condition. I'm in pain..

So, next Monday. Is someone's special day!. Insha Allah everything will be fine and i'll be much much better. Anddd.. Yea, enjoy this scenery i took at late evening from my house. :^)

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