Sunday, July 5, 2015

Story: Missing You, Happy Birthday My Dear...

Salam. It's early of the morning.

In 2012, it should be this day, this date.. A happy thing or me. But, some tragic situation happened. The story just to pain for me, to let go.

In dawn of early 2012, my male cat fell sick, and collapse.. I carried him, on my two arms, my eyes started watery. The minutes that i can remember, and i guess for forever was.. How he passed away, in my arms. He was 2 years old, that year.. He'll be 3. Just he didn't have it.. Right after he passed, i cried. So loud that my maid came to my house, knocked my door.. After wrapped and buried him, i cried for the next few days.. Even before i fell asleep, i cried.

I got a hard time, maybe up till now, to let him go.. But there was a day, i had a dream. Which this dream, that made me feel cool, calm, and try to stay strong.. He was totally indoor, active, and a sweetheart to my man-bestfriend, Maeko.. His name is Mixxie.

Born 5th July.. Happy birthday my dear, Mixxie.

I love and miss all my cats, since my cats are from one family tree. They all are one generation - Now, the generation still around, family members - Muji, Turkish (brothers), Rolo, Nunally (siblings), and Baby Aktif (Nuna's son). Insha Allah, the generation will go on.. Even i do losing few by they ran away, missing..

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