Thursday, July 16, 2015

Interest: Pluto's Heart

It's turned out viral!. After NASA's New Horizon sent a first, never seen before photo of Pluto. In fact, it's the first real and up-close look of the planet.

Photo credit - NASA
NASA's spacecraft, New Horizon, launched in 2006. Its journey take 9 years and half. On 14th July 2015, USA timeline - This photo of Pluto, sent by New Horizon, went viral. The "heart" shape area, make people goes "in love" with Pluto.

I personally say, i love astronomy. Since i grew up, and started to know and learn about our solar system, and astronomy turned out one of my favorite subject. I do watch documentary about planets, galaxies, and our solar system.. Honestly, everytime i watch and learn, i only can say, Subhan Allah. This planets, galaxies thing.. It's not only beautiful. It's also mystery. And with my passion of art, this also inspired me.

Well back to the topic. I honestly said, i feel excited, happily crazy, about this photo that.. Touched many people heart. Few months ago, i watched about New Horizon, which will be near and do its flyby around Pluto, and by NASA's calculating, they guess around July 2015, New Horizon will be there. Since i was so busy focusing on my artworks.. I forgot about it. I knew there will be live session!. I missed. But this photo.. Of Pluto, honestly make my heart feel super excited and, touched..

Subhan Allah. It beautiful. Honestly i almost cry when i look at this photo..!. I'm not lying!. Guess after this, everytime i look at this photo, i might still wanna cry..??. Haha. So excited i guess(?). :D

I can't wait for the updates, and hopefully there's documentary about this real look of Pluto. I'm so into it!.

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