Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Forever Falling In Love.. With Digimon!


Salam. Midnight midnight here.

So.. I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm always with this anime.. Ooo wait. Nope nope nope. I love Digimon. Forever is. I can say that because, not only basically. But personally, i love how Digimon always take me back to my childhood. Not only remind me to that time, it's make me feel back to my time where i can be myself, as a kid. Digimon, i observed that many fans of this anime.. More likely will put out "my childhood". Yes. Digimon wins their fans' heart, by making the fans mostly remind and taking back to their childhood. As we know, childhood time is once in our lifetime.

And early this year, as 15th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure, they put out the grow up one from the first season of Digimon Adventure, title "Digimon Adventure Tri". As this come out.. The fans goes hyper, including me..!. And "my childhood" where i noticed, mostly come up.

So, this is how i feel. I feel like i'm growing up with Digimon??. I can say yes. I just gonna keep falling in love with Digimon.

And yes.. The pic. I think it's true. Since i love story that have meaning. There's always a story about one specific topic, in Digimon. And.. They put out, that every beginning have the end of it. Make me want to be strong, for forever.

Well, i love Digimon. <3

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