Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Forever Falling In Love.. With Digimon!


Salam. Midnight midnight here.

So.. I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm always with this anime.. Ooo wait. Nope nope nope. I love Digimon. Forever is. I can say that because, not only basically. But personally, i love how Digimon always take me back to my childhood. Not only remind me to that time, it's make me feel back to my time where i can be myself, as a kid. Digimon, i observed that many fans of this anime.. More likely will put out "my childhood". Yes. Digimon wins their fans' heart, by making the fans mostly remind and taking back to their childhood. As we know, childhood time is once in our lifetime.

And early this year, as 15th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure, they put out the grow up one from the first season of Digimon Adventure, title "Digimon Adventure Tri". As this come out.. The fans goes hyper, including me..!. And "my childhood" where i noticed, mostly come up.

So, this is how i feel. I feel like i'm growing up with Digimon??. I can say yes. I just gonna keep falling in love with Digimon.

And yes.. The pic. I think it's true. Since i love story that have meaning. There's always a story about one specific topic, in Digimon. And.. They put out, that every beginning have the end of it. Make me want to be strong, for forever.

Well, i love Digimon. <3

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Interest: Pluto's Heart

It's turned out viral!. After NASA's New Horizon sent a first, never seen before photo of Pluto. In fact, it's the first real and up-close look of the planet.

Photo credit - NASA
NASA's spacecraft, New Horizon, launched in 2006. Its journey take 9 years and half. On 14th July 2015, USA timeline - This photo of Pluto, sent by New Horizon, went viral. The "heart" shape area, make people goes "in love" with Pluto.

I personally say, i love astronomy. Since i grew up, and started to know and learn about our solar system, and astronomy turned out one of my favorite subject. I do watch documentary about planets, galaxies, and our solar system.. Honestly, everytime i watch and learn, i only can say, Subhan Allah. This planets, galaxies thing.. It's not only beautiful. It's also mystery. And with my passion of art, this also inspired me.

Well back to the topic. I honestly said, i feel excited, happily crazy, about this photo that.. Touched many people heart. Few months ago, i watched about New Horizon, which will be near and do its flyby around Pluto, and by NASA's calculating, they guess around July 2015, New Horizon will be there. Since i was so busy focusing on my artworks.. I forgot about it. I knew there will be live session!. I missed. But this photo.. Of Pluto, honestly make my heart feel super excited and, touched..

Subhan Allah. It beautiful. Honestly i almost cry when i look at this photo..!. I'm not lying!. Guess after this, everytime i look at this photo, i might still wanna cry..??. Haha. So excited i guess(?). :D

I can't wait for the updates, and hopefully there's documentary about this real look of Pluto. I'm so into it!.

My Artwork: Handmade Stickers

Salam. New stuff for sale!.

For any up coming event, i'll be sale this.. Handmade stickers!. From my "19+Flowers", now available as stickers.

It's not only handmade. It's a hand-drawn and handcut by me. Each of this sticker might not gonna have twice - mean, not gonna have same word and typography style. Although this what i think, i still consider about it. But, in the mean time, i'll be doing all words. RM5 each.. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Artwork: Doodle For Many - The Card

Salam. Art thing now.

This is 4"x 6" cutting, and doodle from "19+Flowers", with name Dayang Deno. This size now available for order:-
- order must be more than 12
- Material: paper card only
- invitation cards, wedding cards, birthday cards, and so
- price base on the artwork

If you want for anniversary, with name of the couple, it will only available in:-
- A4, A3, or other size you want
- Material: paper card, cardboard, canvas
- price base on: size, material, and the artwork

As for the flowers in shape, all available in:-
 - round, rectangle, triangle, cuboid, full, and irregular

If you interest, you can email me, . Or, go to my Instagram, to get the faster respond!. @anugerah_gee .

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Story: Missing You, Happy Birthday My Dear...

Salam. It's early of the morning.

In 2012, it should be this day, this date.. A happy thing or me. But, some tragic situation happened. The story just to pain for me, to let go.

In dawn of early 2012, my male cat fell sick, and collapse.. I carried him, on my two arms, my eyes started watery. The minutes that i can remember, and i guess for forever was.. How he passed away, in my arms. He was 2 years old, that year.. He'll be 3. Just he didn't have it.. Right after he passed, i cried. So loud that my maid came to my house, knocked my door.. After wrapped and buried him, i cried for the next few days.. Even before i fell asleep, i cried.

I got a hard time, maybe up till now, to let him go.. But there was a day, i had a dream. Which this dream, that made me feel cool, calm, and try to stay strong.. He was totally indoor, active, and a sweetheart to my man-bestfriend, Maeko.. His name is Mixxie.

Born 5th July.. Happy birthday my dear, Mixxie.

I love and miss all my cats, since my cats are from one family tree. They all are one generation - Now, the generation still around, family members - Muji, Turkish (brothers), Rolo, Nunally (siblings), and Baby Aktif (Nuna's son). Insha Allah, the generation will go on.. Even i do losing few by they ran away, missing..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Story: Nothing Much, Blank

Salam. It's midnight and it's July!. So for whole this time i post in small photos. Well it's July, i think i will use this size, i guess..(??). Not sure T^T.

Well, honestly i don't have much for today. The thing is.. I just being busy with my "19+Flowers" series. So, my "Face Art Series" just.. Well, i'll continue it after Raya, or maybe after new event. So, just write what in my head.. I don't know what to put out actually. And honestly.. I'm in unhealthy condition. I'm in pain..

So, next Monday. Is someone's special day!. Insha Allah everything will be fine and i'll be much much better. Anddd.. Yea, enjoy this scenery i took at late evening from my house. :^)