Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Artwork: "LIFE" Doodle Tote Bags

Salam. Writing this while dealing with the disorder. But i'm good.

So as in previous post, tote bags now available. I only have 3 bags, and it's featuring my artwork from "19+Flowers" series. Right now i have "LIFE" doodle printed. RM35 for each of it, not including postage. The quality is good, comfortable. If you want it at RM35, come to my booth in the future.. Insha Allah. So if you interest, email me or, go to my Instagram @anugerah_gee to get WA number.

So get it now!. 3 bags only available. Anddd.. I might not have it anymore. This 3 only i guess..(??).

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