Monday, June 8, 2015

My Artwork: The Face Art 22/In Recovery

Yayy. I'm so happy everytime i'm done with my artwork. Of course right. So.. For The 22nd, oh it is tiring one. But Alhamdulillah it's done. This one, as the title.. It's very close to me, my personal thing. And my whole family too. Basically, it's inspired by my personal experience. And the idea.. The idea where i take some from my patterns designs, that i've done on plywood walls, in our office last year. Which is not finish haha..

I got the idea, while my sister playing game, i started to have the imagination for this one. And it's took time too, to set how it goes. So.. This is how it's look. And prints not available yet, Insha Allah it will. There will be also slightly change in the prints' prices.

Stay tuned, since more artwork prints come up.

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