Sunday, June 28, 2015

Interest: Gardening #1

Salam. Surely is, it's midnight now. For a long time i'm dying to have my own garden, or green house. But i never have a chance, i guess. But what make me keep loving it, it's because of this.. Gardening magazines.

So this is just part of it. I might post about it more, and if i have garden by myself.. I will make a post too. So, beside of this, my interest.. There's a reason why i can and can't do it. Why i can:-

- It's a good for my body as i'm a Diabetic Type 2
- It's burn calories
- It's an exercise!

But yea, why i can't:-

- I have Eczema
- Hypersensitive of my skin

So, more likely, this is the reasons. Although it's good, the effect can be worse. Even if i wear glove or avoid the greens, soil also can make the pain of the skin, well, the itchiness just so crazy which is pain!. But still, i want to have it. Since i can't jogging, i think it's the best one to replace my daily routine of exercise. Not only about exercise. But it's inspire me for my artworks, of course!. And not to forget.. It's what make the world beautiful.. :) ..

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