Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Interest: Gardening #2

Salam and morning. Well, it's morning, early.

Last time i put about how much i love garden and gardening. Although i can't since my condition. So here more from what keep me so fire up with garden. Enjoy this from overseas garden magazines!.

Doesn't it beautiful?. I don't think there's many pretty flowers in my country like in overseas, since Malaysia have hot, rain, and humid. But still, there's many beautiful one.

So, i, honestly say that actually.. I just love look at this gardens. I didn't really read about it, but by just look at it, i can really go crazy and learn how to gardening, in the future maybe, Insha Allah.

There's lots of thing when come to garden magazines, such as.. How the photos itself being so lovely. I really love it. But i really love when i turn the pages, there's about potting the flowers. My most favorite is.. How to arrange fresh flowers from the garden, to the glass vast, and display it. And of course, overall, love the gardens, that being shown in this garden magazines. I have them since 2009.. And i think i might buy more?.

Well, maybe. Anyway.. I will share my other books, or magazines??. It's have to do with art!. My favoriteeee.~~~ . Okay. Hope you enjoy. I'll be post more soon, Insha Allah. :)

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