Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello, June

Salam and hi, to reader.

Yes. It's half year already. On and off, up and down.. It's just like, ting!. Knowing it's half year and half way to go. Well actually, this year i didn't work with numbers anymore. As the result, together with my sisters, hoping that three of us can join any art event that set by non-government organizations, Insha Allah.

The thing is, i'm currently, actively looking for this kins of event on Instagram. Seems like Instagram make a great impact to these days users. I agree, i think. Easy for me to find a post of any art event. So far, Alhamdullilah. Just have to wait. So since June already here. There's many things that excite me out!. Such as, Ramadan almost here. Many new movies, which is one of the most make me feel really can't wait. Even my youngest sister. But, although this is the good thing for next half of this year, how about the past few month, this year..?.

Yeah.. It's honestly a hard time. My private life, of course. Not only about my family, but this one about myself. Since mid 2013, i have to deal with medical stuff. In and out hospital, more than 3 procedures, in different category.. It's really hard, tiring.. But there's a time where i feel so excited. It was when i got to see my bones for the first time. I still have the x-ray, which i plan to keep forever, hope so. Hahah.. But, the most hard is when there was a time i got so stressed and got into depression. I do some research. And i might have seasonal depression.. Uhm i don't know. But in personal and private, family life.. Still, it's hard, even now.

I just hope and pray, Insha Allah.. This all can off. Hope things have the solution, i believe everything have it.

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