Saturday, June 20, 2015

Event: Warna Series Kasih Ramadan 0.4, Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam #2

Continue, the day of the event. After set up my artworks on the table, my vendor table, thing started!. Seriously my table was full.. Of my artwork prints.. Not much space.. So here what i sale and will be sale again, Insha Allah.

This is how it's look. Mess right?. My table full with all the "Face Art Series" artwork prints, total piece of all 95 prints, artworks from The 1st, The 2nd, The 5th - The 20th, "LIFE" Doodle, and "Snake Within" Pattern. Each of the original have 5 set (piece) of prints, price range from RM20 and RM25. The original artworks all in clear booklet (last photo), and now available "LIFE" Doodle Tote Bags. The quality is good, the bag by BagDeal, and artwork by me.

The tote bags price now are RM35, not including postage. If you want RM35, come to my booth in the future, Insha Allah. And.. There will be new stuff soon..

So the event, it was a hot day. No wind blow at all, but i bring my hand-fan.. Phew. It was great. Many people who dropped by my booth, gave me a positive words and comments. Which make me learn about what people want. So.. I take it as an advice, for myself. The day passed by so fast. I feel great, up till now.. Although i'm dealing with my personal disorder.. So, the day was done. I helped my sisters out, packed all my artworks, my stuff.. And the night was beautiful. And we off to home.. Alhamdulillah.

So, if you interest from any of this stuff and artworks, contactme at:
I also accept commission for custom tote bag, or pattern design.
Or go to my Instagram, for more, or my Behance at:

Till next time for event.

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