Monday, June 15, 2015

Event: Warna Series Kasih Ramadan 0.4, Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam #1

Salam. Writing this in very slow connection.

So that day was.. Can say good. I met my Instagram friends, where i know them from there. I will post more with photos that i took. Now i just put out how was the day. Okay.. It's early in the morning, i woke up from my sleep around 4.30am, sleep a bit more, i woke up from my bed at 6am. Do what i should do, i managed to done what i needed.

At 7.30am, i helped out my sister, who also took part in this event, called "Warna Series". This was the fourth event from this series. So i helped my sister, with her paintings on canvas. From big, medium, to small. I love what she have done. Her paintings is beautiful. Mine is bruuuu.. Ugly maybe. Haha.. I don't know. And we placed all the canvas, which made the space narrow. Only 4 people can fit in the car. Me, my 2 sisters, and my dad. Although my sister's stuff already in, mine still mess. It's sucks.. =,= . After i've done with my stuff, we just ready to go.

It was a hot day, we were sweating, just hope to get cool later. On the way, there was few things to handled. Honestly i just have bread with cream for the breakfast, plus i'm not hungry. But i must force myself to eat, before acid conquer my body. After that, well, a bit traffic on highway, thought it's a real jam, but turned out there was an.. Just you know what's on the road. So we managed to past the Cheras area, but still long way to Shah Alam. It was fun, 4 of talked and laughed, and i'm not really nervous like back in 2012. So i said to myself, "Insha Allah everything gonna be fine..".

So as my dad guess with our budget, of the time when we will arrive, it was at around 11.15am, we already at Shah Alam after noticed the sign. So my dad really are remember the way to Laman Seni 7. Well we arrived there, looking where to park the car. We parked front of Old Malaya restaurant. But we went to food bazaar at the other building. Me and my sisters just had a Milo, for energy of that day. After that, we checked the place out, which it was still under the construction, where there was a stage, and 16 vendor tables. Just waited there for a person in charged, since it was my first time work with this event, at Laman Seni 7.

After the one who was in charged for this event, the time came and my dad get the car, me and sisters took everything out, arranged all our artworks and stuff. And, yes.. It started.

I'll continue more, about my view and my sister's view, about the event..

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