Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Artwork: Pattern on an Old Tea Jar

What also i'm up to, patterning!. Here what i'm currently mess up with.

It's an old tea jar, which my mom gave it to me as present, for my birthday last year. This is the first part. You can tell what media i use for this. Until i realized.. That i have one thing that specifically for wood.. =,= . I'm just too idiot i guess.. Anyway, i'm happy. Plus this is just for sample, to featuring on my Behance. *Link on the right column*.

For the body, it's a glass. You can see the old fashion cracks too. It's really rustic. But, since it's a sample.. Well, and it's a glass, i have to use a right one for it, since i have it for the glass. Now the body have half to go, i will update soon. :)

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