Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Interest: Gardening #2

Salam and morning. Well, it's morning, early.

Last time i put about how much i love garden and gardening. Although i can't since my condition. So here more from what keep me so fire up with garden. Enjoy this from overseas garden magazines!.

Doesn't it beautiful?. I don't think there's many pretty flowers in my country like in overseas, since Malaysia have hot, rain, and humid. But still, there's many beautiful one.

So, i, honestly say that actually.. I just love look at this gardens. I didn't really read about it, but by just look at it, i can really go crazy and learn how to gardening, in the future maybe, Insha Allah.

There's lots of thing when come to garden magazines, such as.. How the photos itself being so lovely. I really love it. But i really love when i turn the pages, there's about potting the flowers. My most favorite is.. How to arrange fresh flowers from the garden, to the glass vast, and display it. And of course, overall, love the gardens, that being shown in this garden magazines. I have them since 2009.. And i think i might buy more?.

Well, maybe. Anyway.. I will share my other books, or magazines??. It's have to do with art!. My favoriteeee.~~~ . Okay. Hope you enjoy. I'll be post more soon, Insha Allah. :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Artwork: 19+Flowers - "Ramadan" Doodle

Salam and morning.

It's 7.33am i'm writing this. Since it's Ramadan, i done this. Actually i do this for my entry from CFM. Well, nothing special then. But at least first page from this sketch book, that i got from my friend, already got a look.

Currently, i keep working out this type. It's "19+Flowers" series. The trademark is, the flower. I can't remember what's the name of the flower, but it's a real flower. And any artwork, with the flower are part, or it's "19+Flowers" series. What about the series?. Go at "19+Flowers" page, in here!.

So for whole this month of Ramadan, i just gonna focus and work with the series. The update of the series now started to full my Instagram @anugerah_gee . I also accept commission for this series. And many thing will happen in this series, since i have an idea now. Alhamdulillah.. :D .

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Interest: Gardening #1

Salam. Surely is, it's midnight now. For a long time i'm dying to have my own garden, or green house. But i never have a chance, i guess. But what make me keep loving it, it's because of this.. Gardening magazines.

So this is just part of it. I might post about it more, and if i have garden by myself.. I will make a post too. So, beside of this, my interest.. There's a reason why i can and can't do it. Why i can:-

- It's a good for my body as i'm a Diabetic Type 2
- It's burn calories
- It's an exercise!

But yea, why i can't:-

- I have Eczema
- Hypersensitive of my skin

So, more likely, this is the reasons. Although it's good, the effect can be worse. Even if i wear glove or avoid the greens, soil also can make the pain of the skin, well, the itchiness just so crazy which is pain!. But still, i want to have it. Since i can't jogging, i think it's the best one to replace my daily routine of exercise. Not only about exercise. But it's inspire me for my artworks, of course!. And not to forget.. It's what make the world beautiful.. :) ..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Artwork: Pattern on an Old Tea Jar

What also i'm up to, patterning!. Here what i'm currently mess up with.

It's an old tea jar, which my mom gave it to me as present, for my birthday last year. This is the first part. You can tell what media i use for this. Until i realized.. That i have one thing that specifically for wood.. =,= . I'm just too idiot i guess.. Anyway, i'm happy. Plus this is just for sample, to featuring on my Behance. *Link on the right column*.

For the body, it's a glass. You can see the old fashion cracks too. It's really rustic. But, since it's a sample.. Well, and it's a glass, i have to use a right one for it, since i have it for the glass. Now the body have half to go, i will update soon. :)

Story: Failure One

Salam to all.

Currently i'm working on my artworks for many things to come. While i'm trying with my printer, for my "LIFE" doodle.. Thing just went bad, not as i expected it was going to be. Yes, it was a failed attempted.. =,= .. I can't believe it. I changed the printer cartridge, with the new one, well.. Sort of. I don't know what went wrong, the prints look misalignment. Just terrible. But it turned out fine with only one set of print, and with small size. Big one and more than one set, it will just so annoying to look at..

But it's okay now. I'm working on it. What it is?. Follow my Instagram @anugerah_gee . Few more details come up. And.. I have many things to do.. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Food: Ayamas' Poppers

Well, have you ever try this?

This is my favorite so far, by Ayamas. It's potato, breaded, and have cheese inside. It's getting hard to find this now, and so suddenly.. T^T . Anyway, you have to cook it in hot oil. Make sure the oil is hot enough. Once the poppers turn golden yellow, wait a bit, since the inner is hot with the cheese. Then.. Ready to eat!. I can only say that it's so delicious that i want more..!.

Interest: Mugs at Kitchenware

It's midnight here, which is not good. Anyway.. Salam to all.

Last week, i'm busy looking for glass thing or whatever, while my sisters wanna buy a blender. While looking around, i'm stick to this area, as you can see.. It's mugsssss. Like before, it's one of my obsession. Seriously i wanna buy one, but i'm targeting other thing. So this one, just at area of my house. It's just full with people since Ramadan this year just so close, at that day, of course. But yes.. At last i got what i want. It's for my artwork thinggy. It's just fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Artwork: "LIFE" Doodle Tote Bags

Salam. Writing this while dealing with the disorder. But i'm good.

So as in previous post, tote bags now available. I only have 3 bags, and it's featuring my artwork from "19+Flowers" series. Right now i have "LIFE" doodle printed. RM35 for each of it, not including postage. The quality is good, comfortable. If you want it at RM35, come to my booth in the future.. Insha Allah. So if you interest, email me yueyagee@gmail.com or, go to my Instagram @anugerah_gee to get WA number.

So get it now!. 3 bags only available. Anddd.. I might not have it anymore. This 3 only i guess..(??).

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Event: Warna Series Kasih Ramadan 0.4, Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam #2

Continue, the day of the event. After set up my artworks on the table, my vendor table, thing started!. Seriously my table was full.. Of my artwork prints.. Not much space.. So here what i sale and will be sale again, Insha Allah.

This is how it's look. Mess right?. My table full with all the "Face Art Series" artwork prints, total piece of all 95 prints, artworks from The 1st, The 2nd, The 5th - The 20th, "LIFE" Doodle, and "Snake Within" Pattern. Each of the original have 5 set (piece) of prints, price range from RM20 and RM25. The original artworks all in clear booklet (last photo), and now available "LIFE" Doodle Tote Bags. The quality is good, the bag by BagDeal, and artwork by me.

The tote bags price now are RM35, not including postage. If you want RM35, come to my booth in the future, Insha Allah. And.. There will be new stuff soon..

So the event, it was a hot day. No wind blow at all, but i bring my hand-fan.. Phew. It was great. Many people who dropped by my booth, gave me a positive words and comments. Which make me learn about what people want. So.. I take it as an advice, for myself. The day passed by so fast. I feel great, up till now.. Although i'm dealing with my personal disorder.. So, the day was done. I helped my sisters out, packed all my artworks, my stuff.. And the night was beautiful. And we off to home.. Alhamdulillah.

So, if you interest from any of this stuff and artworks, contactme at: yueyagee@gmail.com
I also accept commission for custom tote bag, or pattern design.
Or go to my Instagram, for more, or my Behance at: http://www.behance.net/artofrehabilitation

Till next time for event.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Event: Warna Series Kasih Ramadan 0.4, Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam #1

Salam. Writing this in very slow connection.

So that day was.. Can say good. I met my Instagram friends, where i know them from there. I will post more with photos that i took. Now i just put out how was the day. Okay.. It's early in the morning, i woke up from my sleep around 4.30am, sleep a bit more, i woke up from my bed at 6am. Do what i should do, i managed to done what i needed.

At 7.30am, i helped out my sister, who also took part in this event, called "Warna Series". This was the fourth event from this series. So i helped my sister, with her paintings on canvas. From big, medium, to small. I love what she have done. Her paintings is beautiful. Mine is bruuuu.. Ugly maybe. Haha.. I don't know. And we placed all the canvas, which made the space narrow. Only 4 people can fit in the car. Me, my 2 sisters, and my dad. Although my sister's stuff already in, mine still mess. It's sucks.. =,= . After i've done with my stuff, we just ready to go.

It was a hot day, we were sweating, just hope to get cool later. On the way, there was few things to handled. Honestly i just have bread with cream for the breakfast, plus i'm not hungry. But i must force myself to eat, before acid conquer my body. After that, well, a bit traffic on highway, thought it's a real jam, but turned out there was an.. Just you know what's on the road. So we managed to past the Cheras area, but still long way to Shah Alam. It was fun, 4 of talked and laughed, and i'm not really nervous like back in 2012. So i said to myself, "Insha Allah everything gonna be fine..".

So as my dad guess with our budget, of the time when we will arrive, it was at around 11.15am, we already at Shah Alam after noticed the sign. So my dad really are remember the way to Laman Seni 7. Well we arrived there, looking where to park the car. We parked front of Old Malaya restaurant. But we went to food bazaar at the other building. Me and my sisters just had a Milo, for energy of that day. After that, we checked the place out, which it was still under the construction, where there was a stage, and 16 vendor tables. Just waited there for a person in charged, since it was my first time work with this event, at Laman Seni 7.

After the one who was in charged for this event, the time came and my dad get the car, me and sisters took everything out, arranged all our artworks and stuff. And, yes.. It started.

I'll continue more, about my view and my sister's view, about the event..

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Artwork: The Face Art 22/In Recovery

Yayy. I'm so happy everytime i'm done with my artwork. Of course right. So.. For The 22nd, oh it is tiring one. But Alhamdulillah it's done. This one, as the title.. It's very close to me, my personal thing. And my whole family too. Basically, it's inspired by my personal experience. And the idea.. The idea where i take some from my patterns designs, that i've done on plywood walls, in our office last year. Which is not finish haha..

I got the idea, while my sister playing game, i started to have the imagination for this one. And it's took time too, to set how it goes. So.. This is how it's look. And prints not available yet, Insha Allah it will. There will be also slightly change in the prints' prices.

Stay tuned, since more artwork prints come up.

My Artwork: "Snake Within" Pattern Prints

Hey hey hey. This is a special. Why?. The original is 100% free-hand drawn. No pencil at all. As the result, i decided to put out some prints. This one is RM25 each. I have 5 for prints, for every artwork. As for all to know, The Face Art 3 and The Face Art 4 don't have a prints.

The price not including postage. If you interest, email me. Check out my bio/profile. :)

My Artwork: "LIFE" Doodle Prints

Salam and morning, to who read this. This is the "LIFE" doodle, in actually, it's also in series call "19+Flowers". I will explain later about this series. For this series, i only have two words, this and "LOVE", which you can read about it in my previous post.

This prints only RM20. Not including postage. And honestly, this is the first word for this series. Also, there's surprise for this doodle. I myself can't wait for this one ahaha. :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello, June

Salam and hi, to reader.

Yes. It's half year already. On and off, up and down.. It's just like, ting!. Knowing it's half year and half way to go. Well actually, this year i didn't work with numbers anymore. As the result, together with my sisters, hoping that three of us can join any art event that set by non-government organizations, Insha Allah.

The thing is, i'm currently, actively looking for this kins of event on Instagram. Seems like Instagram make a great impact to these days users. I agree, i think. Easy for me to find a post of any art event. So far, Alhamdullilah. Just have to wait. So since June already here. There's many things that excite me out!. Such as, Ramadan almost here. Many new movies, which is one of the most make me feel really can't wait. Even my youngest sister. But, although this is the good thing for next half of this year, how about the past few month, this year..?.

Yeah.. It's honestly a hard time. My private life, of course. Not only about my family, but this one about myself. Since mid 2013, i have to deal with medical stuff. In and out hospital, more than 3 procedures, in different category.. It's really hard, tiring.. But there's a time where i feel so excited. It was when i got to see my bones for the first time. I still have the x-ray, which i plan to keep forever, hope so. Hahah.. But, the most hard is when there was a time i got so stressed and got into depression. I do some research. And i might have seasonal depression.. Uhm i don't know. But in personal and private, family life.. Still, it's hard, even now.

I just hope and pray, Insha Allah.. This all can off. Hope things have the solution, i believe everything have it.