Sunday, May 24, 2015

This Evening

Well, honestly what do you feel and think when you look at the sky?. Clouds?.
What do you really feel inside?. Your feeling at one point.. For whole this time..?.

So yes, this late evening, around near 6.30pm. Well honestly, everytime i look at this view, front of our house.. I feel bad, most of the time. But think good, positive later on. My life, as who i am, not as everyone think. Some look at me a happy, cheerful person. Yes. I laugh, smile, talking crap sometimes.. But that doesn't mean i don't have messy things, or negative things, in my life. I think everyone have, just nobody like to show it.

What happened last year, it's the worst one. Not only me, whole family effected. And i feel everything change ever since. The thing is, i keep my private life. It's different when come to personal and private stuff, things, and life. I share my personal thing, but not my private one. To me, the more you let your private things out, the negativity effect you, more. But yeah.. This is who i am. This is how i'm actually. So my personal, i share.

So yes, scenery like this does make me calm and smile. Make me think.. "There's a reason why..". In everything that happened. And yes, i'm always try to be strong and positive, although i break sometimes..


  1. well, everyone has their own path...
    sometimes it's good and sometimes it will go on another way....
    and it's better to keep away your private life...

    cantik view depan rumah... ni macam atas bukit je.. :)

    1. Yea. Just sometimes I do feel bad. But then remind myself.. There's a reason why. Yup.. You're right. :D

      Haha. Yes.. Memang atas bukit. I love the view. Terima kasih.. Alhamdulillah. :)

    2. wah... bestnya rumah atas bukit..
      dekat mana ye?
      ni macam dah dikelilingi hutan je.. :)

      rumah or rumah bercuti?

    3. Biasa je. Selangor. Yes, kawasan pedalaman :)

      Memang rumah.