Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Artwork: Face Art Series

Face Art Series

Okay. What you see here, is my official series, title "Face Art Series". The idea is.. Every piece of it will come with number and the official title. I can't remember how i got the idea haha. Anyway, this is the intro of it.

Starting in late 2013. I got inspired by many stuff and with my own personal interest, such as; flowers, details, nature, and the most of all is my fantasy imagination of what's going on, on the face. And, this make me think.. That from face, there's feeling, and not only that. There's more, and people can see what's happen, what's going on, from someone's face.

And i think, people might wonder, why like this..?. First of all, i'm not do realistic thing or what so ever. This how i imagine, at all the time. And talk about so far.. It's already have 20. And it's for SALE. And at this point, i got a bit of problem, which i decided to replace The 15th. Since my is hurt, i have to limit myself. Cause of this, sometimes i didn't do my artwork.. Which i cannot, not do it, i need and must.

So, you can check out more on my Behance, here: .
Don't forget, follow my Instagram, where is the fastest that i update my artworks: @anugerah_gee .

Hello all. Yes, ni siri official Gee. Tajuk "Face Art Series". So far dah ada 20 artwork. Gee jual. Tapi ingat nak buat print. So, print maybe harga agak murah, original tak ye.. Insha Allah, ada print, Gee post. So far boleh post yang original je. :)

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