Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Artwork: The 21st

Salam. It's just yesterday i didn't post anything, because i try to finish my artwork, and Alhamdulillah it's done. So here, "The Face Art 21/The Fancy Lover".

This is the original and prints not available, yet. The process honestly, hard. Because the subject, with those feathers, and i'm using pencil colours. I realised that my wrist can't handle heavy pressure. So it's hard that i have to accept that this may be permanent, i think. But i believe there's a reason why. Huhu.

So this piece actually can be finish much early. While in process, i just kept away from my house to our living room, watching tv!. Since i love movies, it's slow down the process. My bad, but here you are.. Since i didn't move from my chair and desk last night. And yes, The 22nd already started!. You can check out all numbers from this series on my Behance: ..

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