Monday, May 18, 2015

My Artwork: The 1st and The 2nd, Prints Available!

Hello hello. I'm finally here again. So, i finally decided that.. It's okay if there's people read my post of my artworks, places, my stuff that i interest in.. And so. Although if there's not many will follow.

Since it's my art-blog, you are welcome to read and comment, anything. So above is the original of:-

- The Face Art 1/Culture Mix Up
- The Face Art 2/Inner Beauty

Good news is, Alhamdullilah prints are now available!. But, i don't know what to say.. Seems like it's not as i expected. :( .... But still okay, to have. Since it's new, RM20-RM25. Prints only have 5 piece, for each artwork. I will post the prints soon!. Sine internet are slow as turtle, and turtle are much faster.. =,= .

Alhamdulillah, prints dah pun ada. RM20-RM25, bagi setiap prints. Nanti Gee post kat sini. Internet slow lebih dari kura2.. =,=

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