Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Artwork: The 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th

Salam. As i told last night, my Face Art Series is for SALE. So what you see above is the original one. Insha Allah i will put a prints, for every piece from this series. So here the title, from left to right:

- The Face Art 1/Culture Mix Up
- The Face Art 2/Inner Beauty
- The Face Art 5/The Beautiful Knight
- The Face Art 6/The Emperor's

The original is up for sale. But honestly, i like to keep every piece too, for myself. But if there's people like to have the original, i'll keep the print, one print for each. And i might put out 6 prints for every piece of the artwork. Yes, every artist love their artwork, every piece of their artwork. So, i will post the 3rd and 4th, later.

And i might just use Malay and English. It's still make me confused.. =,=' ...

Salam semua. Okay ni artwork dari Face Art Series. Original of course untuk dijual. And jujurnya, original harga lain berbanding dengan print. Maybe print murah sikit. And yes, Gee.. Nak simpan satu juga, dari setiap piece yang Gee buat. Tapi Gee akan keep yang print. Itu pun kalau ada siapa2 yang kat luar sana, berminat nak yang original. And Gee plan setiap piece artwork ni, hanya ada 6 prints. Tapi tengok macam mana. Insha Allah.. :)

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