Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Artwork: The 15th and The 16th

Salam all. It's 6 inthe morning, and still dark. Here is the original piece of:-

- The Face Art 15/The Twins Relation
- The Face Art 16/Amoxcillin

It's the hardest one that involved my decision. The 15th, in this one actually is the replacement one. Since the real one that i should done it, it's just have so many details, which i can't push myself to do it. Since my hand, my wrist, will be so in pain, i choose to do a new one.. For The 16th, it's from my personal, dealing with medicines. It's tiring have to swallow capsules and so, for almost 2 years.. On and off.

So this 2, prints available. Will post soon, Insha Allah.

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