Sunday, May 31, 2015

Food: Sandwich With Beef Slices

I love foods so much!. That i really wanna write about it. This is sandwich at hotel, at Kelantan, if i'm not wrong. I went to Kelantan with my parents and my big brother. For a job basically, since i worked with my parents. So, hotel for nap and so. The traffic at Kelantan.. Oh man, it's so sick. I think we didn't really move. Since i have Diabetes, i most likely need Milo. That day just, honestly.. Milo just hard to find, only at restaurant available. I was so exhausted. My body in very2 low in energy.. =,= ..

So back to the hotel, i ordered this. It was nice. Simple, with eggs and mayo, beef slices, and yea!. The bread. I love simple food when i'm in emergency mood. Fast, simple, and tasty. Love it!.

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