Sunday, May 31, 2015

Food: Sandwich With Beef Slices

I love foods so much!. That i really wanna write about it. This is sandwich at hotel, at Kelantan, if i'm not wrong. I went to Kelantan with my parents and my big brother. For a job basically, since i worked with my parents. So, hotel for nap and so. The traffic at Kelantan.. Oh man, it's so sick. I think we didn't really move. Since i have Diabetes, i most likely need Milo. That day just, honestly.. Milo just hard to find, only at restaurant available. I was so exhausted. My body in very2 low in energy.. =,= ..

So back to the hotel, i ordered this. It was nice. Simple, with eggs and mayo, beef slices, and yea!. The bread. I love simple food when i'm in emergency mood. Fast, simple, and tasty. Love it!.

Food: Mom's Chicken Rice

Salam reader!. Hi hi and yes, this was in 2011. Where my mom and my maid, made a special chicken rice for lunch. I even can't remember i snapped this. What i had was, rice, chicken drumstick, slice of tomato which i didn't ate, and salad. Honestly, i miss this kind of taste and surrounding.. But things already changed. But this was really good!. I can say, it's not enough just for once!.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Story: Misty

Salam. Last time i put out a photos of front view of our house, which it was on evening daylight. No mist and you can see the hills. So this is how the view in a dawn time.

You see, you can't see the hills. And it's depend. If the day have rain, this is how it's look for whole day, or the next day. But if the day just sunny and hot, you can see the hills and the beautiful blue sky and clouds in many shape. Since it will be misty, sometime, it's effect my canvas. But it's okay.. Since i love rain, too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Food: Chicken Chop

You know, how much i love food, and eat..?. And who doesn't love to eat. Although i'm actually a bulimic and have been in pre-anoraxia, was. So i'm back in normal, and sometimes just not. Well in 2011, i had this.

Yes again, it's chicken chop that i had at Prince Court Medical Center. The sauce taste so good. Plus with the chicken itself and the french fries.. It's a balance food, actually. With some salad, which i didn't even want to eat if i order a chicken chop. Haha.. But i think chicken chop will be my number one when come to western food menu. So what you have for today..?.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Story: Big Rainbow

Midnight now. Just some story.

As you can see, wait.. What do you see in the photo..?. Yes. Rainbow. Last month i guess. Can say many times too, i will see a rainbow, front view of our house, (my home and my sister's home). And in this photo, it's an angle from the side of my sister's home. It's just half from the full view of the rainbow. It's like, really in the middle of the two hills - (check a post before this one). It's just so nice, that's why i took it. ^^ .. So yes, a big rainbow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This Evening

Well, honestly what do you feel and think when you look at the sky?. Clouds?.
What do you really feel inside?. Your feeling at one point.. For whole this time..?.

So yes, this late evening, around near 6.30pm. Well honestly, everytime i look at this view, front of our house.. I feel bad, most of the time. But think good, positive later on. My life, as who i am, not as everyone think. Some look at me a happy, cheerful person. Yes. I laugh, smile, talking crap sometimes.. But that doesn't mean i don't have messy things, or negative things, in my life. I think everyone have, just nobody like to show it.

What happened last year, it's the worst one. Not only me, whole family effected. And i feel everything change ever since. The thing is, i keep my private life. It's different when come to personal and private stuff, things, and life. I share my personal thing, but not my private one. To me, the more you let your private things out, the negativity effect you, more. But yeah.. This is who i am. This is how i'm actually. So my personal, i share.

So yes, scenery like this does make me calm and smile. Make me think.. "There's a reason why..". In everything that happened. And yes, i'm always try to be strong and positive, although i break sometimes..

My Artwork: The 21st

Salam. It's just yesterday i didn't post anything, because i try to finish my artwork, and Alhamdulillah it's done. So here, "The Face Art 21/The Fancy Lover".

This is the original and prints not available, yet. The process honestly, hard. Because the subject, with those feathers, and i'm using pencil colours. I realised that my wrist can't handle heavy pressure. So it's hard that i have to accept that this may be permanent, i think. But i believe there's a reason why. Huhu.

So this piece actually can be finish much early. While in process, i just kept away from my house to our living room, watching tv!. Since i love movies, it's slow down the process. My bad, but here you are.. Since i didn't move from my chair and desk last night. And yes, The 22nd already started!. You can check out all numbers from this series on my Behance: ..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Artwork: The 19th and The 20th

It's the one that i really try hard to make it full, and Alhamdulillah, it's turned out as i hoping for. This is the original one of:-

- The Face Art 19/Dreaming In Delusional
- The Face Art 20/Cherry Biter

Both of this piece available in prints. RM20 and some, RM25 only. As i said, some from this series don't have any story, or about one thing. But mostly have, and i currently work on The Face Art 21. Also with some new paintings, on canvas. And yes, it's for sale.

By the mean time, you can follow me on Instagram, for latest update.. @anugerah_gee .. :)

My Artwork: The 17th and The 18th

This 2 original piece of:-

- The Face Art 17/Clindamycin
- The Face Art 18/Cloxacillin

This also inspired by yeah.. Dealing with medicines, and medical things. Anyway, prints now available, RM20 and RM25, for some from this series. I will post those prints soon. Each artwork have 5 prints only. And i honestly, can't wait to share about it, in here.. :)

My Artwork: The 15th and The 16th

Salam all. It's 6 inthe morning, and still dark. Here is the original piece of:-

- The Face Art 15/The Twins Relation
- The Face Art 16/Amoxcillin

It's the hardest one that involved my decision. The 15th, in this one actually is the replacement one. Since the real one that i should done it, it's just have so many details, which i can't push myself to do it. Since my hand, my wrist, will be so in pain, i choose to do a new one.. For The 16th, it's from my personal, dealing with medicines. It's tiring have to swallow capsules and so, for almost 2 years.. On and off.

So this 2, prints available. Will post soon, Insha Allah.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Food: Chicken Chop Breaded

That day, i went with my parents and my two sisters, to Bangi Golf Club. This is what i had, chicken chop breaded, with many french fries. And i got watermelon juice for that day. So refreshing.. :D . The sad is, there's no dipping sauce, and it feel like this chicken chop is ready made.. Not fresh one, i guess. But anyway, i like it.. And i was full. Alhamdulillah..

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Artwork: "LOVE" Doodle

Yayy. Finally since last year.. This flowers doodle with "LOVE" word. This doodle didn't have a print yet. Insha Allah this too, will.

Seriously, this one not tiring like the "LIFE" one. Since it's square shape, honestly this one is easy. And the reason i choose this word is because i think, it's all over us. Love is important. I think without it.. People will grow up unhealthy, negative way. Love, its go along with affection, and it's hard to explain right..?.

Love, doesn't mean like between a couple, it can be our feeling toward animals, plants, or even to something we like. It's weird right.. This word more likely.. Can be use in anything. I guess.

Interest: Mugs

Midnight here, and i have some obsession.. Yes. I love mugs so much. Few years ago i bought few. But these days, i didn't buy any. But couple years ago, i guess.. I got 3 mugs as my birthday presents, by my lovely sister and my maid. But while i shopped at Cold Storage about more than 3 weeks ago, i just can't helped myself when i saw this.

Vintage patterns

So here the lovely mugssss. I do wish i can have many many styles of mugs. <3

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hmm.. Honestly, rasa menyesal tak terus aktif kat sini. At least ada yang baca2.

Heiii.. Rugi betullah..

Food: Creamy Puffs

About more than 3 weeks ago, i went with my parents, big brother, and my little sister to Cold Storage. Grocery shopping, and i'm so hungry. And in love to have some pastry foods. This is what i've got.

Yes. I had this creamy puffy.. I don't know what it is. So i bought two fillings. One with blueberry, another one with strawberry. Both have this soft breads, looks like round but a bit long. And butter cream, and the fillings that make this creamy puff tasty. Yum yum.. I love to have this again. ^^ .                                         


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Artwork: The 13th and The 14th

So here, the original piece of:-

- The Face Art 13/The Classical Entertainment
- The Face Art 14/Blooming Butterfly

The 13th was the slowest in the process, since i got answered by the doctor i met.. So can say, i worked this two at the same time. Surprised me, The 14th took 3, 4, 5 days till it finished. I thought it would take more time, but Alhamdulillah it's can be done much faster.

So the prints also available, for this two. Range price is RM20 and RM25.

Yang ke 13 tu, memang ambil masa, as the result, dalam masa yang sama, Gee decide untuk yang ke 14, buat sekali bersama yang ke 13. Memang sakit tangan gee ni.. =,= . So, prints untuk dua2 ni pun dah ada. Harga dalam RM20 dan RM25.  

My Artwork: The 11th and The 12th

Yes, this two.. My favorite. Since my hand hurt, this is where the starting point where i started using not only pencil colors. This two original piece are:-

- The Face Art 11/The Puppet Master
- The Face Art 12/Pills For Fill

Honest say, The 12th are based on my experience, dealing on and off, with medical-medicines stuff. So.. Can say it's very personal, that i would like to share. Cause i know, there's many out there, facing this.

So, this two also have prints. ea.. Will post about it soon. Since i'll be work with them all. I fee excited.. :)

2 original artwork ni pun ada prints. Nanti Gee post. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Artwork: The 9th and The 10th

Morning with less mist today. And yes, i just stay awake.. And will going to sleep later. Well i try to be active in here, just like how i am on Instagram, Facebook. But it's not going to be easy. On Tumblr, it's hard to update, as the style all in separate way. Such as: If you wanna write, it have its own column. So.. It's hard for me to choose. But i'll try in here..

And yes, here the original piece of:

- The Face Art 9/Heart Of Country Side Traveler
- The Face Art 10/The Nature Lover

Their prints already available. I will post them along side with the original.

Nanti Gee post yang print bersama yang original.  

My Artwork: The 7th and The 8th

This is the original piece of:-

- The Face Art 7/ The Cats Lover
- The Face Art 8/ The Beauty Within

This 2 piece already have the prints, and i will post them all, the original with the 5 prints. While i'll be work on it, i just gonna keep posting the original piece, first of all.

2 artwork ni dah pun ada prints. Nanti Gee post. Sementara tu, Gee akan post yang original dulu. 

My Artwork: The 1st and The 2nd, Prints Available!

Hello hello. I'm finally here again. So, i finally decided that.. It's okay if there's people read my post of my artworks, places, my stuff that i interest in.. And so. Although if there's not many will follow.

Since it's my art-blog, you are welcome to read and comment, anything. So above is the original of:-

- The Face Art 1/Culture Mix Up
- The Face Art 2/Inner Beauty

Good news is, Alhamdullilah prints are now available!. But, i don't know what to say.. Seems like it's not as i expected. :( .... But still okay, to have. Since it's new, RM20-RM25. Prints only have 5 piece, for each artwork. I will post the prints soon!. Sine internet are slow as turtle, and turtle are much faster.. =,= .

Alhamdulillah, prints dah pun ada. RM20-RM25, bagi setiap prints. Nanti Gee post kat sini. Internet slow lebih dari kura2.. =,=

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Yea.. So honestly, it's been hard for me to be active as I want. The cause and the main problem is, that actually I don't have a stable internet line. As the result, I got confused.

I like how Blogger hit what I want and search for blog. But when interest is down, it's can be hard. Tumblr is good too.. But it's all in separate way.

So.. The main cause that make me will stop blogging is when unclear internet line. It's really hard. Mobile internet just so.. Sick. This is just sad...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Artwork: The 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th

Salam. As i told last night, my Face Art Series is for SALE. So what you see above is the original one. Insha Allah i will put a prints, for every piece from this series. So here the title, from left to right:

- The Face Art 1/Culture Mix Up
- The Face Art 2/Inner Beauty
- The Face Art 5/The Beautiful Knight
- The Face Art 6/The Emperor's

The original is up for sale. But honestly, i like to keep every piece too, for myself. But if there's people like to have the original, i'll keep the print, one print for each. And i might put out 6 prints for every piece of the artwork. Yes, every artist love their artwork, every piece of their artwork. So, i will post the 3rd and 4th, later.

And i might just use Malay and English. It's still make me confused.. =,=' ...

Salam semua. Okay ni artwork dari Face Art Series. Original of course untuk dijual. And jujurnya, original harga lain berbanding dengan print. Maybe print murah sikit. And yes, Gee.. Nak simpan satu juga, dari setiap piece yang Gee buat. Tapi Gee akan keep yang print. Itu pun kalau ada siapa2 yang kat luar sana, berminat nak yang original. And Gee plan setiap piece artwork ni, hanya ada 6 prints. Tapi tengok macam mana. Insha Allah.. :)

My Artwork: Face Art Series

Face Art Series

Okay. What you see here, is my official series, title "Face Art Series". The idea is.. Every piece of it will come with number and the official title. I can't remember how i got the idea haha. Anyway, this is the intro of it.

Starting in late 2013. I got inspired by many stuff and with my own personal interest, such as; flowers, details, nature, and the most of all is my fantasy imagination of what's going on, on the face. And, this make me think.. That from face, there's feeling, and not only that. There's more, and people can see what's happen, what's going on, from someone's face.

And i think, people might wonder, why like this..?. First of all, i'm not do realistic thing or what so ever. This how i imagine, at all the time. And talk about so far.. It's already have 20. And it's for SALE. And at this point, i got a bit of problem, which i decided to replace The 15th. Since my is hurt, i have to limit myself. Cause of this, sometimes i didn't do my artwork.. Which i cannot, not do it, i need and must.

So, you can check out more on my Behance, here: .
Don't forget, follow my Instagram, where is the fastest that i update my artworks: @anugerah_gee .

Hello all. Yes, ni siri official Gee. Tajuk "Face Art Series". So far dah ada 20 artwork. Gee jual. Tapi ingat nak buat print. So, print maybe harga agak murah, original tak ye.. Insha Allah, ada print, Gee post. So far boleh post yang original je. :)