Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Which One It Is!?

Well honestly I feel bad and confused lately.. Thinking about which language I want to use, to write in here. Just the more I'm thinking about it, the more I got nuts. Then I will be bored. So seriously I don't know and still don't know which one.. Malay or English?. I do wish there's any reader, people.. Out there.. Give their comment or word. So.. Which one ei..?. This is not a first time.. When come to writing, I always turn up like this. It's tiring, but can't be help.

So, when you got confused, or bored by thinking simple stuff like I'm in right now.. How about playing a word search..?. It's good for our brain. But, if the brain is mess by many stuff.. How can it will be good right?. So actually I didn't play it anymore hahah. Just as suggestion. It's okay right..

So.. Which one it is!!?. Malay or English?!. Aghh.. I'm so stupid.. =,=


  1. up to you my dear...
    if you think that you're more comfortable writing in english, then go on...

    as for myself, I've been blogging in English and I admit, there were not so many readers on my blog especially our malaysian fellow... hehehe

    1. Salam dear. :3 .. Thanks for the comment.
      Yea i like and love English. But yes.. Many not gonna read or comment. Since i do art and sale.. I choose to write in Malay.. :)

      But if there's English comment or whatever, i'll answer it.