Thursday, April 30, 2015

Various of Negative, Feeling

Seriously.. I just wanna put out lot of things, in here. And yeah.. Internet is so slow!. I wanna put out some few story, stuff, foods, to share in this past few days. And sadly, i can't upload a photo.. This is one of the reason that's make me, yeah, stop blogging.

Honestly, it's hard. So right now i can only share my feeling, can say like that.. Uhm.. This past few days, i can't really focus on my artworks. Although i want to. I feel bad, in many of stuff, things.. Which is, have to do with family things, going on. As the result, it effected me. Not only my focus on my artworks, but sometimes.. It's make me hard to think in one thing, like to make a decision about it.

And actually, yes. I'm working on those bush, again. But this time with my little sister. Since the greens grow so well, it's nice. But its make me feel uncomfortable, specially when i'm handling with my cats thing. The mosquitoes.. Ughh, so annoying. And yes. I feel pissed, since i can't upload those photos that i took for my blog, to share out. =,= ...

By the way, i will post about my sister's birthday, soon. It's actually yesterday. And this time is different. But i love the cakes..!. And also, will post about place and foods. But the fact is right now, i don't know how long.. I have to deal with this internet thing. Can't upload photos huawwww T^T ... So annoying. Ugh!.

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