Monday, April 27, 2015

Still, Confused

Hmm.. Seriously, i just got confused again. Yes, about small matter.. Malay or English. I don't know what actually drive me this crazy, just, like.. Right now. Right now, after few minutes ago, i got confused again. Cause at the same time, i think.. My English is not good at all. Can be mess, like, so mess at the whole story.. Like when you read it all at once.

Another one.. Maybe this kind of thing drive me this confused. Is there, people will read, and respond to my post, of my artworks or anything that i'll be post..(??). It's just so confusing.. Since this mix up with my personal life, which things that just so few of people that i call friends, know about.. The result, unhealthy.. In many sides.

Malay or.. English..??. Is my English good..?. I just don't know.. =,= . Just hope there's answer, from whoever read this.. Thank you anyway. Thanks.

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